Best way to loose weight?

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MrPahoehoe | 11:28 Mon 17th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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Seems like the summer has finally motivated me to ditch my belly. I've started trying to get fit. I haven't really changed my lifestyle completely, but I have been eating more healthily and going to the gym. For a while I was doing circuits at the gym with a bit of everything as I'm trying to loose some weight and put on a bit of muscle, but my complete inability to slim down a bit has seen me change that to exclusively cardiovascular exercise trying to loose weight. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working. I'm not really concerned about my diet, infact it is probably better than its ever been before, although I might be eating too much, its mainly pretty good stuff. My question is what exercise is best for burning fat? Recently I've just been running (on the treadmill), but would swimming or cycling be better, or maybe mixing it up??


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well done...sorry i dont know the answer cos im really unfit!!! good luck anyway :)
Personal experience tells me that you need to do whatever exercise you PARTICULARLY enjoy.

Running is good (done correctly) if you enjoy it but if the other things you mention will be more 'fun', then if i were you, i'd do a combination.

I HATE exercise but LOVE cycling, so i stick to that as i get a real buzz out of it. Anything else would drive me insane with boredom and i'd give up.

Any cardio exercise will be effective AS LONG as it is done correctly and your total calorie intake is lower than your exercise output.

Good luck :0)
does doing cycling on the exercise bike help u loose weight? i just got one and not sure if it'l just help me tone my legs, or if i do sit ups and stuff at the same time, will it help the rest of my body? i think running is the best but i dont like it!! how do u keep urself motivated?
I've lost about 3 stone in the last 3 months so maybe I can offer some may not be medically sound/correct but I tried diets and things and in the end I just took matters into my own hands!

Firstly I started exercising, I have a punchbag which I kick the sh*t out of at every given opportunity...I also started lifting weights, nothing huge, just dumbells. I changed my diet drastically...LOADS of water, cereal for breakfast, some fruit and the evening meal would consist of a lump of protein (lean steak or chicken) and loads of vegetables (usually brocolli) I completely cut out chocolate, fizzy drinks, crisps...all junk food!

Although this new lifestyle made me feel good inside and made me feel superior to all the people who still eat crap...I wasn't losing much weight! The weightloss started to happen when I started to get a bit depressed about my girlfriend and the prospect of us not being together (that's a different thread) I pretty much stopped eating, just drinking water and whoosh! The weight dropped off! My stomach shrunk and now it takes a lot less food to fill me right up...and that is useful!

The girlfriend situation is more positive now, I've started eating again but still only really eat once a day. The way I lost weight is not correct by any means and doctors would probably have a right go at me BUT it taught me a few important things.

1: Drink water! A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger.
2: Eat less...a LOT less! The average portion size these days is HUGE!
3: Stop eating when you are no longer hungry! Listen to what your body is telling you!
4: Do all of the above and remain active and the weight will drop off!
Oh yes...and those Hoodia Gordonii tablets they are advertising at the right side of this page...they really do work! Taken as instructed, after a week or so you feel no appetite. A good way to supress hunger if that's what you want to do but make sure you still drink plenty of water!
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