Cheese Nightmares.

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Mark74 | 10:55 Mon 17th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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Is there any actual scientific proof that eating cheese late at night causes nightmares? Cup of tea in it for the best response.


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Irrespective of science or the Mail, if I have cheese any time after about mid-afternoon, I get vivid usually bad dreams.

The only thing worse is Irn-Bru.

I dunno about nightmares necessarily but I do have more dreams when I eat cheese. My imagination goes haywire! I haven't had any nightmares about a huge chunk of killer cheese chasing me yet. Ooooh, that'd be scary!! :o\
I watched a programme last week that says that contrary to popular belief, cheese does not affect your dreaming patterns or how you remember them, and is actually a good thing to eat before going to bed at night.

was that looking good feeling great by any chance? i saw it and said cheese on toast is good to eat before bedtime! yum!
My friend conducted an experiment where she and a friend ate different types of cheses and compared the craziness of their dreams. Blue Cambazola(sp?) Brie was found to be the most effective at conjuring up crazy dreams they dubbed 'brieams'.
It's *kinda* scientific!
cheese takes a long time to digest. While you are digesting, your brain is active. If you are digesting while sleeping, although you are asleep, your brain is still in overdrive. Hence the crazy dreams. They're not always nightmares, just vivid dreams. The same thing will happen if you eat something heavy and then go to sleep.
I also saw an item recently that said cheese may actually encourage a good nights sleep as basically all it's just solid milk
One night I listened to Steps, S Club 7, Chesney Hawkes and Take That before going to bed and had the most horrible dreams so I guess too much cheese really does give you nightmares.

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Cheese Nightmares.

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