Who rates with stars?

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applebee | 04:16 Mon 17th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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Should I be glad if I get 3 stars on my answer??


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??no one can tell you if you should be happy or sad about it -do you feel happy about it?
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hmmm, im not certain if I was clear about this question :), I was wondering when I see posted answers in AB sometimes they are listed with three stars( or some number of stars) below their user name. Oh and kazza I think that was a very wise diplomatic (and funny) answer, I think its sweet you attemted answering even though my answer was worded so bad :)
the person who has posed the question gets the opportunity to rate the answers according to how helpful they've been, from 1 to 3 stars. If you look at my answers there should be a Rate this answer hyperlink on the left hand side, where you get the chance to give me 3 stars because ive been so helpful ... its just like another way of saying thanks for your answer. The stars dont mean anything in the grand scheme of things (i.e. they do not add up to anything), but are just a way of saying you have read the answer and liked it. Ps, if it does make you happy, you can also rate your own answers to your own questions and give yourself 3 stars!
I tend to give 3 stars to people who have taken the time and troubel to post a reply,unless its a sarcastic answer and then I just ignore it.I tend to abandon stars on threads that have got longer then I expected and I can't keep up!

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Who rates with stars?

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