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fakename | 14:03 Wed 05th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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I just broke my ankle (poor me!) and I'm going to be in a cast and on crutches for six weeks, basically meaning I will be pretty inactive for those 6 weeks. Has anyone got any tips as to avoid putting on weight while I'm laid up? I'm thinking more along the lines of foods to eat and more importantly how much food to eat. Cheers.


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I broke my ankle a few months ago and have had my plaster off for just over a month. I actually lost weight during the 6 weeks - I think its because despite being sat on your arse for 6 weeks - every time you do move - it takes so much effort! a trip up the stairs to the bathroom and back would exhaust me!
Using crutches I think uses a lot of energy - they're much more difficult to use than I ever imagined!
I think you're probably worrying about nothing - just make sure you keep your foot up as much as possible and take plenty of anti-inflammatorys (?)

Also be prepared for the cast coming off - a month on and I am still in pain (I have a pronounced limp most of the time!) and it swells up to epic proportions everyday - they don't tell you that at the hospital.

Anyway - hope you've got the pain under control - any questions let me know

Sorry to hear about the ankle (bloody painful aint it) but being on crutches doesn't mean you have to be inactive, if fact I think you will find getting around on crutches is pretty good exercise in itself .................. I wish you a speedy recovery :)
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Cheers guys. Yea it is pretty painful, I didn't know that it'd still hurt a month after getting the cast off though! I was hoping to be back playing football in 8-10 weeks. I might just play that by ear now!!!
As for the crutches, I do think that using them will be good exercise, but they're just a pain in the backside to get around with so I'm not sure if I'll get a lot done.
One more question......... have you got any tips on how to take an incident-free shower?
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Thanks for all your good wishes guys.
Have you got a limbo waterproof cast protector? If not it will be the best tenner you ever spent

I would recommend using a 'over the bath' shower as you can sit on the edge and swing your legs over. I tried a walk in shower but there is obviously a step to get in and you can't jump as your good foot would just slip away from you!

Also make sure you're not on your own in the house if possible - just in case

try to be a bit careful about what you eat, and cut down on amounts, yes it's hard work getting around on crutches so you will use energy that way, but if youre bored in the house on own all day eating is something to do and if you are used to being quite active you will not get the same amount of exercise. I was an even bigger hefier than usual when I came off crutches after 6 wks. Recovery time will depend on how bad you broke it I guess, mine was very straight forward and my ankle was fully mobile quite soon after the cast came off. Hospital did not offer any physio but I went for a few sessions privately and found simple exercises a huge help in getting the strength and mobility back. And the more you use it the quicker it will recover is my theory-tho I'm no doctor!! Was back doing easy sport within couple of weeks, and hockey training few weeks after that. Went skiing within 12 months too, and had no trouble at all.
Oh, and get your friends to take you out-alcohol numbs the pain, but be careful on slippy floors with crutches!! Hope it's better soon x
Sorry to hear about your ankle mate. When i broke my foot i had all my sweet food stashed in hard to reach areas like top shelves so i could only get them when i asked someone else to! As for the good food to eat...i just munched on carrots, mange tout, fruit etc. Have you tried doing sit ups? Relatively painless and one of the few exercises i suppose you can do when you're laid up. Get well soon :)
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Cheers Rufio, that's a great tip about hiding the sweet food. Thanks again to everyone for their answers.
Sex and eat less - Any help?
Unless you are actually prone to eating for comfort or because of boredom you will probably not put on weight as you will not be hungry due to inactivity.
Miss -taken,if I were you I would ask for a blood test in case you have an infection inyour ankle ,It's easy to get Golden Staph (I don't know the Latin name ) in a break .My son broke his ankle early last year and due to the infection he got at the hospital had swollen and inflamed leg which caused him ti be taken into hospital and kept there on anti-biotic drips for weeks . I wish you well with it and you also fakename .

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