Living with 1 Lung?

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Mowbray | 17:30 Wed 28th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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is it possible for humans to live with only one Lung?
thank you.


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I know its possible to live with partial lungs so i dont see why there arent people trying to live life with just one.
Mr Pippas grandma lived with one lung for quite a few years ~ she had TB during adulthood and was sick for a very long time.

I believe she died at 65, which means she lived for around 30 odd years with one lung.
my sax teacher at school had a pupil with one lung apparently he was an amazing player, i wasn't lol
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my dad only had one lung and lived till he was 47 but that was coz the cancer had spread,otherwise hed still be here today
Yes, it is. Robert Maxwell only had one lung - he lost one to TB, I think, or he was shot during the war, or something
Yes...the dad of one of my mates had an accident when he was in his 20s and has lived for about 35 years since.

he has major prolems now though. He has to be connected to oxygen machine 16 hours a day at home (including when hes asleep)....and cant even walk to the club for a pint...which is several hundred yards away..he has to get a taxi.

But up until a couple of years ago he could get about ok. He started having problems with his remaining lung last couple of years i think which is when the major problems started.
many on here dont have a personality and yet live so a lung should not be a problem
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My father lived for quite a few years with half a lung, mind you he was bedridden at the time, so he never overexerted himself.
Ward-Minter, at the risk of making myself look stupid, that was a joke, right??
Hi Mobray,

Hope you are well, Yes it is possible,there are lots of people with just one, it would be very strong providing they aren't heavy smokers, Say hi to your mum,and give her a kiss,

One for Lonnies daughter as well if Lonnie returns that is,hope you don't mind me putting that bit on Mowbray, Ray xx
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There is such a thing as an Iron Lung but you still need your lungs or lung! apart from the small fact that it is the lungs that gets oxygen to your blood stream (pretty vital for life).... could you imagine the 'fart' when they turned the machine on lol

btw. I believe the job of an iron lung is for those who have been serverly paralysed or some such condition & and can not breath for themselves.
Question Author
Thank you all for your helpful answers.

Hello Raysparx, Mum is very tired from the radiotherapy. I spoke to her last night and she said her pains are starting to go away.
Thanks again for your support Raysparx!
Thanks Philby, thats sort of what I meant! Ward-Minter, you say that "to your knowledge there is such a thing"..... as what?

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Living with 1 Lung?

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