Tooth Extraction ? Some questions

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tobeloy | 17:33 Mon 26th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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Dentist told me today that one tooth has to come out, it is top one after my fang as the root canal treatment has not been sucessful and I could have it done again but it would have to be private and cost me a bomb..

Question really is that she pointed out on x-ray that I have a gap of about 3mm since last x-ray when root canal was originally done, why is there now a gap and also will this gap make it any easier for the tooth to come out?

Also if there is no nerve no more what is the chance of it being painful? The reason I ask is today was my first appt with new dentist as last one who was really excellent has left and they wont tell me where he has gone, as he really helped me a lot with my fear due to bad experience as a child and now I dont know how I will be with this new dentist as its only my 1st check-up, whats also making me think is that she offered to remove it this afternoon for me and it made me think why hasnt she got any appts is that an omen...anyway as I dont have a choice I have to go in on thursday so I needed some advice from experience....

It has been a while since I had a tooth out and the last time it was a back one and I had some form of clamp put in my mouth which was wound up that all went ok, I have been told that they use some kind of forcep / pliers on front teeth though. I just wanted to get out of there so didnt stay to ask

Sorry for the long story.....i think I need to know a bit from your experiences to make me a bit calmer =(


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Hello.... Firstly, I am assuming the Reason you didn't ask this Dentist the Questions you have asked on here is because you didn't feel comfortable?? If so, then I offer the following:

I Work in an Emergency Dental Service and we say the following to Nervous Patients:

(1) You are not obliged to have any Treatment done by any Dentist.
(2) You are entitled to move Dentist and get another Opinion.
(3) If you are a Nervous Patient why not enquire about going to a Community Dentist who sometimes are specially Trained in providing Dental Treatment to Nervous Patients.

This may not help, it's just a suggestion!!
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Cheers Daisy....has given me something to consider, I was doing ok with the nerves but now the dentist has changed I feel back to the beginning, and what a way to start with a tooth extraction with a new dentist..
I take it you mean the one towards the back next to the incisor?
I don�t know how your dentist can say a root canal didn�t work so they can�t do it again - surely there�s some incompetence there somewhere?

Anyhoo, I had one of mine out a couple of years ago after having it broken during a game of squash of all things!!

The main cost was for the bridgework rather than the extraction and they gave me some options on how I wanted it done - I�m insured so I didn�t care but I don�t know about the NHS if that�s who you use - maybe worth looking at the private options but a lot of dentists will only �put their name� to quality work.

Your dentist will be used to nervous patients, mines great and if I feel even a twinge while he�s working he�ll give me another jab �just let them know

As for the extraction itself, it did need a bit of a wiggle to come out and strangely felt like it was being pulled from the side of my nose (?!?) but if you�re comfortably numb then it feels odd rather than painful - as if you know it should be hurting but actually it doesn�t? My dentist said I sounded like a bear �cause I let out a big long constant �awwwwwwwwwwwww� whilst it was being done!

Hope all goes well.
Oh, and I�d go to Boots beforehand and get some �Dental pain relief� tablets for when the jabs wear off, only available over the counter because they�re so strong - others may tell you that �Nurofen� is the only thing that works - blx - I�ve been there, trust me!
They send you a bit 'woozy' - but in a happy way!! ch.aspx
- might help you find where your old dentist went?
Question Author
Thanks jno, that link is helpful but it is still showing his old practice...

jon your reply had me lmao at the end.....if i decide to go then I am going to use your reply to try to take my mind off the tugging, hopefully I wont start laughing....

One of my mates suggested i go in after a few tipples...Is not a bad idea however I cant walk straight even when I am sober lol....anyway I will let you know how it goes if it does...thx

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Tooth Extraction ? Some questions

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