Itchy ears

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textmum | 10:34 Thu 15th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone found an over the counter remedy to stop the insides of your ears itching.


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yep, there is a spray called ear calm that will, well.. calm your ear I suppose! If they dont have that they will have something similar, I get it and found it works, although odd sensation at first!
hi textmum, have you had your ears checked? I get itchy ears pretty often and when I went to docs it turned out I had exzcema (sp?) in them. She gave me a spray that was great and stopped the itchiness, sorry but for the life of me I cant remember what its called.

Otits Externa, it sounds like, which is eczema in your ears. You must keep your ears dry when showering and bathing. A good way to protect them from this is putting a little vaseline on an earbud and cleaning them this way. Earbuds, as relieving as they seem, can break the skin and cause infection, so then the ear swells up and makes the side of your face look like it has a tennis ball wedged inside it.

Sofradex is good but really you need to see your doctor for some gentomycin.

I've got eczema in my ears and I use Otomise spray which is really good as they get infected all the time and it gets rid of the infection as well.
Hey aka pixi, is it something to do with us pixie types that get eczema (sp?) in our ear canals then? Thought it was just me with my random itchiness!

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Itchy ears

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