What is a porn star ?

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sexyrussian | 20:39 Sat 10th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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This is a serious question.I have heard people talk about porn stars before but am not exactly sure of what they are. I know what porn is but surely the people on the porn websites are just ordinary people with a camcorder or VERY small groups of people making movies for profit.I know there are famous porn movies but surley there are no people who make money out of having sex in front of a camera for their living.Also why would anyone want to have sex while being filmed?


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oh gorw up! How long does it take you to think up these stupid stupid questions??
*grow. Apologies for spelling but you just take up space on here.
Why thinking of becoming one are you? If you are than don't forget to keep a copy and post it on this website( I think I speak for most men when I say that).
Some porn stars make huge amounts of money from the industry. They certainly do not perform in front of a web cam for a website!

Why they want to do it - I have no idea! Unless it's for the money. It's probably safer than prostitution.

I have no idea why people want to watch it either. It does nothing for me.

But each to their own.
Because it's their job you silly bint. Of course people make a living out of being in porn films, they are huge money and apart from specific amateur films they are all professionals.
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I presume you are not really a newbie than? You wouldn't know anything about me if you were. I have every right to post this question.I genuinely am interested in what a porn star is.I have an idea but am not sure. You do not own this website and you have no right to say such a thing.
But surely you can spell the same word correctly in one question? (darn it i responded, where's Pippa when u need her)
Last post was directed at Russian, as Ethel, I wasn't calling you a silly bint, we cross posted.
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I didn't realise. So when you buy a porn movie you are just watching people having sex when they are hating every bit of it. Does nothing for me I'm afraid. I would not become one for anything. They must be very unhappy people no matter how rich they are.
and we all know who pinkfizz was except the ruskie so ruskie must have had her head in an interesting volume for a few days. Now none of us know quite who the ruskie is do we?

happy to oblige dotty..

A porn star is a star of porn films. Very lucrative and I hear many people would love to get into such work ~ the industry is huge and they have a big awards ceremony every year.

I have a question ~ where have you really been living ~ in a cave??

no I am not a newbie.I am well used to your ridiculous questions -I wouldnt mind if you asked something sensible.
yeah maybe with captain caveman
And from what Ive heard,porn stars these days are usually skinny russian blonde lesbians with no brains!!

Why does everybody keep picking on poor sexyrussian ? It seems to me that she only has to breathe to get lammed into. It's a perfectly reasonable question - but are there really sexual organs quite as big as that ? Or is it all done with plastic and squirters ?

There are some really talented porn actors/actresses out there whiffey...of course I don't mean that necessarily in the acting sense..but there isn't any need for acting in these movies.

If you want to see some good acting then don't watch porn ~ it's there for an entirely different form of entertainment ;o)

And yes, many porn actors/actresses enjoy their work, and some don't. Just the same as any kind of job..but at least on their crappy days they get a $hag.

I don't think they are at all unhappy russian necessarily, it's one of those misconceptions, like prostitutes are automatically exploited, it's simply not always true. Lots of men and women in the sex industry, be it porn films or prostitution, are simply well paid well adjusted professionals who have happy marriages and family lives away from their work.There will be some poor miserable souls but not nearly so many as people would like to think.
I agree noxlumos ~ I reckon there are far more exploited people in other workplaces such as factories than in the porn industry.
lol @ whiffey, you're a sucker for the lost cause mate! satisfy your hunger for knowledge, sexyrussian

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