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*ALFIE* | 21:50 Mon 05th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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I had a depressing day today. For some reason, I don't know why, it could be imagination, but I felt really left out today at work. I feel isolated and felt people were avoiding me. I know its sounds silly and childish. I keep getting this unwanted feeling at times. I have do have colleagues I have lunch with at lunch time, they are all from other departments. Staff at my department are so boring. Its just this unwanted feeling I keep getting. Also as well as this, I also get a feeling of desparation and impatience. I have been feeling like this in the past few days. Recently, I was so bored that I began emailing a colleage at work in another departent whom I never met. She just so happens to be good looking (!). For a long time we kept making eye contact and I always wanted to say Hi but I shyed away. I then found her email and we been sending short email greetings for about a week or 2, then only last week I cropped up the courage and introduced myself. She was happy to meet me. I felt good. Today I saw her and she completely ignored me and so I had to call her out myself to say "Hi". She just ignores me ....? Every time I get close to someone I like, it never works, instead the ones I don't take interest in keep coming my way ! I know I sound crazy, but any one else have a similar feelings or phases in their loves ?


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a lot of women enjoy men chasing after them alfie dont give her the pleasure, have a bit more steel about you and dont rely on the people you work with to be your mates its important that your mates have no connection with where you work, you sound a touch intense which is no bad thing just tone it down and be a little bit more happy go lucky

regards bob

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Thanks bobtheturkey, I really appreciate your answer, many thanks mate.
Bob is totally wrong about the woman thing.
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im not dorothy there are harpies out there who are bored and shallow they "flirt" with a bloke, said bloke goes chasing after her tongue trailing the ground while she leads him a merry dance all, while she is not interested in anything but having her vain egotistical little self esteem massaged :) i went through that phase in my teenage years then i got enlightened, the only thing i chase now is mrs harris dog out my garden before it does its business :)

Sorry bob, but I agree with Dorothy. I don't know any women that enjoy being chased by men. If a woman acts disinterested, she's not interested.

Unfortunately for you, Alfie, the advice is the same: leave the woman alone :(

And bob's advice about having friends totally separate from work is very sound advice.

Take care.

I agree with estie on the woman thing, blokes chasing women is creapy

I agree with Bob about harpies who are bored and shallow, but even bored shallow harpies are not really wanting the man to chase them they are wanting to watch him chasing them.

it is a power thing from a woman's point of view as she probably has nothing else in her life to be in control of. Women can be unemotional biatches at times.

thats what i meant dorothy you put it across better :) hello estie

LOL dorothy.

Hi bob :)

Sometimes this happens at work. But people come and people go... A year ago I had lovely people to work with and share an office with. Most of them left and now I have Mr and Mrs Tedious. But it is work- thats why they pay you to do it! I just make sure that I am nice and polite and try to focus on things outside of work to get my kicks.

To be honest though Alfie, you have come across on here as very "laddy" and not particularly sensitive. Maybe if you took an interest in the ordinary looking girls/women, rather than just focussing on the fit ones, you might make some genuine and long lasting friends. No offence meant- I don't know you after all!

maybe he is different on here than he is real life because he can be. it is easier to be confident when you are anonymous. Criticising him further is probably not helpful. how mean are you wm?
There is a difference between rejection in the chasing of women, and rejection by normal work colleagues. One is the normal cut and thrust of the romantic game and the other ... is either your imagination or .. if it is real then you need to work out why. Someone on here recommended a book ... Your Erroneous Zones .. can't remember where now although I should look back and thank them, anyway, I found it good and basically what it is saying is that you need to feel good about yourself, give out love and warmth and stop worrying about things that may never happen, or if they are happening not to worry about them either !!!! If you approach people in the way you have with this girl, then you are setting yourself up for a rejection, because she only has two choices, to rush into your arms and go out with you or to say 'no' and stop it in its tracks. Much better to get to know people on a friendly basis first in a group of some kind or a gym etc.


I it's the cat and mouse game. It's the chase. We want the ones we can't have and the ones we can have we don't want because for some reason, we humans are crazy. dont be sad, im sure no one was avoiding you and it was all just in ur head. I've had days like that myself. You just have to remember to look at urself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself outloud all the great qualities u possess because i know you do. Anyone u cross paths with should be lucky to be graced by ur presence. Im sure u have a lot to offer someone and if that person doesnt see it, well then there is someone better out there waiting for you. I like to think that things happen for a reason. Don't waste ur time thinking about all the negative things, think about how many great people u must have in ur life, ur friends and ur family that love u unconditionally. Tomorrow will be a better day. Just remember, that it's all in ur own hands, u have the ability to start ur day with a smile or a frown.. Its something that u have to practice everyday. Appreciate the beauty that life has to offer and life will treat u well :)

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dreamstate82 - you're a true star !

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