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Dan Glebitts | 13:32 Sat 03rd Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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i heard from a friend that judging on your tongues appearance you can tell what you are lacking in your diet or eat too many hot curries or dont get enough exercise there a site i can get this information from?
i've tried googling but it was in vain. does anyone know of a specific test you can take or a questionarre?
thanks in advance


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in shi'atsu they learn how to look at the tongue and are able to tell you whats wrong with your diet.etc
if you go on the you are what you eat website they tell you on that. i heard about that by reading the book. its brilliant that book its definetly worth buying!
Take everything Gillian McKeith says with a large pinch of salt.

She is not a medical doctor and bought her doctorate through a correspondence course from an American university. th.html

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tongue test...thing

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