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miss_me | 15:03 Wed 31st May 2006 | Body & Soul
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my phone says 13.55 watch says 13.57 and computer says 14.03 so am only posting this to see what time it says, sorry


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thank you. I'm so sad and have to much time on my hands, last day of sitting at home typing away though today-start my new job tomorrow, am very excited and nervous. Trying to decide what to wear!!
"Time is an illusion; lunch time doubly so" - Ford Prefect

Good luck for tomorrow miss_me!

What is your new job if you don't mind me asking?

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Aww..thank you!

Its an insurance assessor for Hill House Hammond. Not a clue what it actually entails but it was the highest paid job around when i left uni!!

im just checking the time now
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My watch has stopped :-( it says its 12.47!!!

Sounds okay to me miss_me. I bet you come across some interesting stuff in that line of work. You know what they say about truth being stranger than fiction.

In the interests of showed me yours, so I'll show you mine!....I am a school Science Technician (physics).

Good luck once again.

A x

good luck hun xXx
Good job you didn't try that a few weeks ago miss_me, as the AB clock was about 5 mins fast!
My phone now says 5:01pm, my clock says 4:59pm and my alarm says 5:06 and my PC says 4:56pm...I have no idea what the real time is here!
All of the above are wrong. It's actually 17:15.
Buy a radio controlled clock. They keep accurate time always. right to the milliesecond

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