So far so good.........!!!

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kazzianne | 14:17 Wed 31st May 2006 | Body & Soul
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Don't want to bore you all senselsss,but I have been very good so far and still have not had so much as a sip of wine! .Has helped as b/f hasn't either,even thought I didnt ask him to not drink,he seems to have decided to join me without mentioning it,which is good.So maybe I can do this after all! :0)


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He is quietly supporting you kazzianne, decent bloke that, hang on to him, well done both of u, I had a couple of Brandys and diet lemonade last night but only because i had an upset tummy. (waits for the ridicule)
I can't remember the last time I had a night off the vino. I think it was about 3 weeks ago!! I shall, however, continue to log onto AB with a glass of wine in hand, following your ongoing adventure in abstaining from booze...

What's the abstinence in aid of again?

Hi Kazzianne, that is fantastic :-) and you will certainly feel so much better in your mind and body.....

Gessoo has put up an interesting idea on Pixi's chocolate thread, 2nd page..... have a little read.....:-)

To keep an AB blog ?
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it got to the point that we were drinking 2-3 bottles of wine a night,and i wasnt remembering going to bed some nights,but the wake up call came on sat eve when we went out drinking,went to several bars having a great time - and i remember everything till bout 11pm.After that I apparently shared a lethal jug of cocktail,said I felt ill,got in a cab to guest house then proceeded to throw up over entire room,collapsed on bathroom floor and my elbow is black and blue when I hit myself. And I dont remember a single thing to this day.
Maybe not, but I've got the pictures
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octavius - what's an AB blog?
Kepp at it K..

Well that went all wrong. Lets try again..

Keep at it, Kazzianne.

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lol.I knew what you meant nickmo!! Im doing my very best!
Well done kazzianne!
You're doing so well, kazzi! Keep at it babes. Lots of love xxx
Well done

Well done kazzi!

I know you can do will start to feel better (If you don't already!) and only good can come out of this, hun :o)

Well done boyf should be dead proud of yourselves xx

Change of subject kazz but how was the b&b and did you have a good time??
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Hiya - b & b was great,till I got told off by the landlady then spent the reat of the weekend avoiding her!! lol
He He Kazzi! You sound just like me, went to London at beginning of month and went to theatre and was drinking G&T's at same pace as my 6'3" fella! don't remember the end of the performance or walking half way round london looking for a posh restaurant asking police for directions or waiting half hour to be seated at which point i "woke up" said i'm going to throw up on the food and went back to hotel meal less at 11pm! boyf not happy! i'm not drinking when i go out now either!

Good luck with it hun, how are you finding it? i'd be struggling at dinner time wanting a glass with my meal!!

Hahahaha! Brilliant story Kazzi!! Hahahahaahaaa*&!%^*$^&�%!!!!

But I still don't understand why you're off the booze. :oS

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champagne - because my mother is an alcoholic,and im terrified of turning into her.I hate cutting it out,I really do,but I need to prove to myself that Im not dependent on it.


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lol god Caz - we could be twins!! I do that sort of thing constantly!!

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So far so good.........!!!

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