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silverdaler | 10:20 Sun 28th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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my dear old dad has been diagnosed with leukaemia recently, which at 86 they say is due to old age. one of the problems caused by this is an enlarged spleen. he now suffers with a 'stabbing' pain in the region of his spleen (left side, just below his ribs?), is this also likely to be his spleen ?

at times this pain is unbearable, and his GP has increased the strength and dosage twice. he is now back in hospital, had xrays, scan and blood tests, but even though they control the pain better there, they dont seem to know what actually causes it (or wont tell us).

anyone had a similar experience or got any idea how we can help him. watching him suffer is breaking our hearts.



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I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'm no medical expert & not trying to be, but I googled leukaemia and spleen, and found this . There are many other sites if you try google.

All the best and remember to take care of you too.

Angie x

Although I'm unable to offer you any medical advice silverdaler, I just want to say how sorry I am to about your dear Dad.

I know how hard it is to see your parents suffering, 'specially in old age when there isn't much you can do for them medically. I found just being there for them, chatting & soothing their brow made them (& me) feel a little better.

Thinking of you. -x-

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thank you both for your kind words, its so frustrating when you want to help and cant. i hate to think that the latter part of his life could be spent in such misery, especially as he has always been very active and cheerful.

thankyou angie for taking the time to find that link, i will take the info to the hospital with me and see if i can get any more info off them - maybe do their job for them !

i will let you know what happens. have a great weekend


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just to update you in case you are interested - it seems the enlarged spleen is causing the pain and he is probably going to have a splenectomy.

at least i know a bit about it now.

thanks again

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the spleen

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