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undercovers | 00:17 Thu 25th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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One song will be played every time you enter any room, for the rest of your life this will be your song when you walk in (be it a business meeting, restaurant, cinema, toilet, dining room etc etc)

what tune would you want?


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I dare say I could live with the National Anthem lol
When You Walk in The Room by the Searchers
Got to be....... "You'll Never Walk Alone"..... :)
bring me sunshine by morecambe and wise, just to put me in a good mood.
Nobody Does It Better...Carly Simon
Simply the best - Tina Turner ;o)
The muppet song cos it makes me laugh
travelin man - bob seger
make suer its classical so it wont get old....maybe something by Wagner
puppy love by donny osmond, i know thats sad but it was the very first record i ever bought, fell in love with donny at the tender age of 14, and pl brings back so many happy memories.

Weeping Willow Blues, by Ottilie Patterson.

On The Road Again by The Highwaymen (cos it always makes me smile)
Better late than never I guess, but for me it would HAVE to be

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen which I imagine gives my age away completely - I can hear some of the 'young ones' saying 'what' by 'who' !!!! ????????

I see you're still thinking of ways to keep your mind off studying undercovers - I'm getting a bit worried about you, time must be getting short & I also see the 'cleaning fairy' did away with most of your threads from the last batch posted - never mind, they probably thought there was subversion of some sort going on & that would never do !!
"Steal my Sunshine" by Len. Cause its so fab and happy just like me ;-) x x x
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nice answers - i feel know a little bit more about you all
U2's "Beautiful Day..."
van morrisson-brown eyed girl

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