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undercovers | 15:21 Tue 23rd May 2006 | Body & Soul
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are you new to the AnswerBank? what do you think of it so far? and what brought you here?


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no i'm not new even though i'm green, been here ages just got a new name, came here looking for something but cant remember what it was and jeeves directed me here, i think.

I've been here a couple of years (God is that all??) lol Found it the day I got the internet connected at home
:-) I was looking for information on Wuthering Heights

great question title undercovers though I am no longer a newbie. Came here looking for the answers to the Sunday Times Xmas travel quiz in 04.
found this site whilst looking for an answer to a phobia.
Was told about AB by a friend. Joined in March this year. Enjoy going through all the different topics. Have learnt lots of interesting things.
Saw you post earlier, but left it thinking i'd come back later, and see you covered in green, but as jno says, Great Question.
Im pretty new. Not really had the time lately post on here or look around. Been too busy in real life.
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hello all - not many newbies about then, has someone been scaring them all off again?

thanks for your answers all - i still wonder how the site comes across to people the first time they see it, is it all a bit intimidating / confusing / funny?

anyway - thanks

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Newbie Tuesday

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