Happy? or Contented?

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kick3m0n | 18:14 Sat 20th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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Which, if either, are you? Is happiness a more momentary feeling than contentedness? Would you rather be content than happy? I've had happy moments, and happy days, but I think to feel content is a very comfy, lovely place to be. There's a longevity about contentedness that I like. And it's not an either or situation: you can be content, but also have a life full of happy moments I think. How many of us are happy or content with their lives?


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I don't think you can ever be content with life until you understand that happiness is a state of mind the same as misery, the same as hope is the opposite of despair, you can't have one without the other. We can't seek happiness because while we are seeking we are not living freely, we are consciously following a path to an end. I don't think there is any freedom in that. Happiness makes us feel pleasure and when we are not happy we feel pain. If we could live accepting that pain and pleasure, happiness and misery, love and hate are all within us and no state of mind is permanent then maybe we could spend less energy worrying about ourselves and extend some love and co-operation to other humans....

Or I have just been smoking too much weed? :)

Hello kick, I feel both,I am very happy with my lot and very content with the cards I have been dealt, we have had tough times,My youngest son nearly died in a work accident 3 years ago,my wife had cancer 6 years ago,but we got through that,and I think you have to have some rough times to really appreciate the good,at the moment life is good,yea Iv'e got both I feel very privileged, good question, Take care, Ray
"contentment is the seed of complacency which is fraught with danger" - bobs book of wisdom
there a bit of truth in that bob,we must never be complacent,just enjoy the moment, you are on a real wise streak at the moment,master!!
made that one up ray :) hey maybe i could shave my head and call myself grasshopper :)
i feel exactly the same as ray. I have had very unhappy times in my life, my Mum left us when i was 11, my dad died at 16, i married,miscarried my first baby then divorced, got a really hard time from my ex for a year and a half, then met my hubby. We had our ups and downs, i nearly lost him 5 years ago on xmas eve in a car crash, then 6 months later, my Mum was in a serious car crash too. We have come through all that now and i got pregnant with my 2 year old, (as you know), we had the most romantic wedding at Gretna Green in 04 and now i consider myself extremely conteneted with my life.To me, you have to experience these sort of real life situations to make you appreciate just how lucky you are. I have a great life although its not exciting or full of riches, not by a long shot, but its the important things like love of a family that make me happy and contented.I havbe a wonderful hubby who works his nose to the grindstione to support us, a great teenager who makes me very proud and a fantastic toddler who i like to think, keeps me young! true contentment!

bob you are grasshopper,don't shave the barnet though( very apt for you eh?) you should remember what you wrote they are very wise words, sounded like a quote from dickens,

Julie,I did not realise you had been through so much,no wonder you have come out the other side a lovely lady,take care, Ray xx

ahhh ray., you are such a sweetie. I like to think i came out the other side pretty much unscathed but stronger.what don't kill ya makes ya stronger, isn't that just spot on? i hope your wife and son are ok now ray, im sure your love keeps them strong. take care xxxx
if there is anything that can make you happy or content its knowing that a virtual stranger who you have never met is happy and content just to see your name you dumb love of my life.
dilf, kick must have a tear in her eye!
kick, i would say i am neither. you might say i am better off than most, but i see it as going 'off' than most.
the more i have, the more i want. not material things, i am reffering to higher manifestations.
but, some might say happiness comes with contentedness.
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guys thank you all so much for your answers. I agree with all of you to some extent...esp about having to go through the bad to really appreciate the good times when they come. Ray and Julie, you guys seem to epitomise that. Both had tough times, but are two of the nicest, most decent people on here, who both seem to have a real enjoyment and liking for life, and people generally. To me, you both seem happy and content :o)

dilf - I don't need to say anything, do I? x

Bob - I could never be complacent with you, that would be fraught with danger ;o)

Thanks kick,as I said before good question,if we didn't have the bad we wouldn't know the good,nice to have a post without any nastiness,take care, Ray
kick, you've put a tear in my eye when i'm begining to despair of AB and some of the idiots here. Thank you, sentiments returned! XXXXX

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