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WoWo | 11:59 Fri 19th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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Following on from Jelisa's question has anybody got any interesting scars and do people generally try and cover them up?

I'll start, I have 2 small scars by my left eye where a dog bit my face, that was joined by a 6-7 inch scar on my left cheek when somebody decided hitting me in the face with a bottle was a good idea (totally unprovoked I hasten to add), a 3 inch scar on the top of my head from the same incident. The unbiquitous chin scar from when I was a kid. 2 on my right arms from motorcycle accident. One on my knee when I fell on some glass. One on the top of my middle finger when I caught it in a bike chain. One on my right hand where I burnt myself on an oven.

As you can imagine it's a little difficult to cover up ones on your face so I have had to get used to it.


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i have 2 small ones either side of my nose were i had two moles removed, a scar about 6cm long on my back were i had another mole removed. i have a scar on my leg were i scraped it on a sharp edge on a glass table (whilst i was in turkey) and a scar were i had my appendix out just below my bikini area. so iv got quite a few lol!!

Double hernia scars (I go in for symmetry a lot!). A 2-3 inch scar caused by a fall on a garden wall as a child ("Don't call me 'Scarface'!"). Small scar on middle finger (left hand) where I was attacked with a knife and another caused by an accident with a power-drill and mandrel. So all in all, I'm a mess(!)
My hands are covered in little scars from when I was training to be a hairdresser and always trying to go a bit faster then I could have.

I also have a big scar up my back from an op called Z-plasty. It goes from the top of my bottom in a Z shape up my back and horrified when nephew when I told him I got bitten by a shark. I really hate this scar actually. Although it was done over a year ago, it's still very raised (you can see the lump if I am wearing tight trousers) and makes me feel really self concious when I'm with someone. I do think it's a bit wierd because my consultant told me that this is often done for cosmetic reason (mine was purely medical) but I don't see how as it's so obvious and ugly!

Got a great scar top of my back just below the neck line, which I don't cover up since I paid a fortune for it.


1. Thin, faint scar down side of face 5-6cms long - fighting with my brother as a child

2. Faint scar underneath left eye - same reason

3. 1cm scar on right index finger - shattered a glass while washing up.

4. 2cm scar on left forefinger - the best one. I was running up a road at about 10 yrs old swinging my clarinet case in a a windmill fashion, and caught my hand on a spiked chain railing. It opened up like a burst sausage!

I've got a few scars from friction burns from when i was running down some astra turf aged 11 and skidded for what seemed like half a mile!, two on my knees (and one on my shoulder which has faded nicely) when i get a suntan they go darker than my tan so they always stand out! grrrr! also have a huge lump out of my shin where i fell down some steps in the rain, its about 2" by 2" and is quite deep! i hate it! that happened years ago and its still there! ;o(
I have a round hollowish scar the size of a two pence on the cheek of my bum due to having an abscess cut out many moons ago. Too much information??!
Oh and my husbands transplant scar is an upside down Y shape on his stomach. He doesn't bother hiding it on holiday - if kids stare he says he had a fight with a shark and the shark came off worst. Sooo original eh!
have a big, very clear scar right down the front of my body, and I know that means that people dont see it (until I'm getting naked with someone ) I've never been bothered about it or felt self concious. I feel that my scar is part of me, part of who I am and it if wasnt for my operation I would be dead so why would I care about it? my big one is from an operation I had when I was a baby, I had Pyloric Stenosis, (that's the one that saved my life) I also have a lump on my forehead, two scars on the back of my knee, one on my hand and a knife scar on my nose, all courtesy of my delightful ex boyfriend
Oh and my scar from my C-Section and one on my knuckle where I chewed it for years when I was little (dont ask lol)
(Isn't it strange how the scars on our bodies tell a story, and have the strangest stories to tell!)

I have a scar on my bottom lip where I bit right through it as a child. Was bouncing on my bed and slipped and bit a hole in my mouth. Have a scar on the inside of my lip too for the same reason lol. Let that b a lesson to you all. No jumping on the bed!

I�ve got one on the end of my finger from where some one went over it with an ice skate (ouch!)

One on the side of my knee where I accidently stabbed myself with a pair of scissors (ouch!)

A big new one on my hand from an accident with some VERY hot cooking oil (triple ouch!)

One on my shoulder from where I burnt myself with an iron whilst trying to iron my hair (which was not a good idea)

And I used to have one on my bum from where my butt got impaled don the corner of a radiator but that�s faded now and my bums all peachy & smooth!

As you can probably tell I'm pretty accident prone!

I have 2 scars on my leg (knee and thigh) from when I was 8 and tried to hop over a metal fence in our garden.

And a small fading mark on my other leg when I dropped an iron on it (I was 8 that time too).
I have lots of scars on my body which I used to be very conscious of but now have learned to live with reasonably amicably, and my wife has a scar on her chin where she hit it on the bath and split it open and also one across the back of her hand where her stanley knife slipped whilst laying carpet.One of my sons has a really odd one in a prefect big circle from one side of his heel to the other where they sewed his heel back on after he stuck his foot in the gears of a moving bike he was having a lift on, while wearing only flipflops.Ouch!
I have loads of little scars all over but my biggest one is on my neck at the hollow bit where you windpipe is. Had meningitis when I was 17 and wasnt breathing so had to get a tube in there. I hate it even now 10 years later and cover it with a necklace. People can be rude about scars sometimes but they are character building I guess

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