When I finish college...

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mycats | 20:27 Thu 18th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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I will be finished college in a couple of weeks (yaaay!) and I have 3 weeks between me finishing and my son coming off school for the summer holidays. So, I have a plan lol
Week one - Sort garden, cut grass etc, then go through house a room per day and totally clean it, scrub it top to bottom.
Week two - I have bought a pile of DVD's recently that I havent had time to watch and have �25 book tokens I got for my birthday Yaaay!, so thats week two lol, films and NEW books :-)
Week three - I am gonna stop smoking (eeek), start exercise rutine and get stuck into learning how to play my new drum kit!!

So what do you think? Does that sound like a plan?? lol
What would you lot do with the time? Bearing in mind I have been very stressed and busy lately.


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so you're not gonna watch Big Brother all day then?

id spend the 3 weeks reading probably which would take me up to the world cup

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Big Brother?? GOD NO!! I would rather gnaw my own arm off thanks *shudder*
I'd mix it up a bit, stop smoking at the beginning and keep busy by gardening, housework and then having a little drumming session. It's hard to smoke whilst drumming! Then treat yourself by watching a DVD before getting stuck in again with the gardening, housework etc. Must say it sounds like a fruitful three weeks - good luck!

You so know its going to go:

Week one - Starts in garden, gets bored, will just check AB, replied to some threads, forces self away from PC. Back to garden. Now not motivated at all. Can finish tomorrow. Back to AB. Answers threads, answers threads, answers threads..

Week two - Still on AB. Put Dvd on whilst on AB. Won't bother with book. Can go on AB instead.

Week Three - Smoking last fag whilst on AB. AB helps take mind of smokin. Fight breaks lose on AB. Need a fag to calm down. Better do some exersise. I will walk to the garden look at it, and then go back on AB. ;o)

Why don't you give up smoking in week one then all the stuff you are doing will take your mind of it!

stop smoking in week 1, gives you more time to stop again if it doesn't work first time.
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HA HA HA I am pmsl here Ruby, you know me sooo well! :-)
The thing is- I see what you and spudqueen are saying about the smoking BUT I dont want my relaxing "ah college is finished, boy is at school, I can lie in bed all week watching DVD's and reading" week to be spoiled by me being a screaming banshee cause I'm desperate for a fag!

I can guarantee thats what you will end up doing.. My little 'Cat Holiday' precition. ;o)

I can see what you mean about the smoking... ;o)

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When I finish college...

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