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Homer55 | 11:00 Tue 16th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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My Friend is about 10 stone and 6 foot, he is athletic built but wants to put on weight, Im trying to lose some so we have started to go to the gym him to build and me to tone and trim. When we finish our workout he goes to Burger king to get a big fat burger Iv told him this isnt the way to put on weight, I think that eating carb rich foods is probably better.. but any suggestions?


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directly after a weights workout the body requires carbohydrate to replace the energy that the muscles have used, and though a burger king meal will have carbs there would be less fatty option to consume - banana and jam sandwiches a cheap and cheerful option.

But if your mate isn't bothered about putting on fat as well as muscle then he might as well have the burger - bearing in mind that this will have more calories than he burnt off... for me this would mean i'd get fatter, if he has a lucky metabolism then he may not put on fat but thats all down to his genetics

Sounds silly at first but a safe way for you friend to put on weight is to go (partially) on the "slim fast diet".

However, and this is a big however, do not replace meals with the milkshake. Simply drink them ASWELL as the meal. Slimfast shakes are actually fairly calorific. but they contain all the right ingredients and little saturated fat.

So three shakes a day on top of his meals will add 700-1000 kcals a day, that's 2lb roughly a week.

Also, if he likes seafood, I believe taramasalata is one of the most healthy fatty options available.

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Thanks for that answer.. Ill tell him to give it a try.

to gain weight he would need to do less cardio work and more weight work. He will need to eat a carbohydrate rich meal within 2 hours of his workout, which is imperative as in order to gain benefit from the excersises the body would need the immediate fuel (to feed the muscles) . (also needs to eat around 2 hours before).

I am trying to do the same thing as your friend, but warn him that unless he eats properly then he will end up burning away muscle and becoming leaner than he was. He needs to eat a good breakfast, weetabix, porridge etc with some fruit, or lean bacon and scambled eggs, for lunch protein, carbs, n veg, and for dinner, more carbs, protein and veg. Remember that nutrition is probably the single biggest factor in weight management when at the gym, both for losing and gaining weight. Burgers will not be adequate as the fat content is high, and the bread bun is awful (think the equivalent of half a loaf of bread=one bread bun). It will zap his energy and is not adequate in feeding the muscles with well needed replenishment of nutrition used up in the gym. You cant starve your body of all your nutrients and water used in the workout then offer it a burger instead-the meal needs to be balanced. Good trainers will have discipline in this or little results will be acheived.

As long as he doesn't eat too lean (he needs to have 3-four square meals daily including brekkie consisting of carbs, (yams, potatoes etc..) LEAN protein (chicken breast, fish, lean red meat, lentils, beans etc) some veg (not overcooked and pref steamed or raw) fruit (good source of carbs, but not too much before a workout as can cause bloating and be heavy.

sorry also, instaed of slim fast he can try complan or nrestke build up, for people who wants to build up after any reason. (My nan takes them as she is really underweight) they cost �3-�4 for 5-7 servings, and come in different flavours and again eat in addition to meals.Or you can try Nurishments drinks. Stay away from crash weight gain drinks and be careful with supplements, craetine etc as my brother was using them for 5 months and is now being investigated for a liver abnormality. Also, never eat fruit after a meal, always in between, and remember to eat properly! Gd luck

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