Conditioner for Recently Coloured Hair

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Mowbray | 10:54 Tue 16th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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Can anybody recommend a really good conditioner for recently coloured hair.

My hair is very frizzy but i like to straighten it.

I don't like using leave in conditioners.

thank you


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I don't think you can beat the Herbal Essences ones - you can buy them for coloured hair and you also smell good enough to eat. I was very pleased to discover that they sell them in Spain when I moved here. Amara xx
I have started using the new Dove conditioner for coloured hair and it is fantastic.
I like the Herbal Essences one too, but the Elvive one is also excellent (and recommended by my hairdresser!).

hi, as i have learned...straightening your hair makes it extra frizzy when in its natuaral state as it dries it terribly.i have curly frizzy hair and used to straighten all the time until my hair snapped off!! it was also heavily bleached.go easy on the straighning and give your hair a break! the best shampoo and conditioner for coloured frizzy hair is tigi bedhead honey and oatmeal comfort food for chemically treated hair.its a bit expensive but proffesional products are the best.hope this helps and remember curls are back in!!xx

I used the l'oreal elvive shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and it ruined my hair, it went frizzy (and I never have frizzy hair!) and I don't think it did my colour any good either. I've now got shampoo and conditioner from the hairdressers (the Chill range) and find it much better. My hairdresser also recommends that you comb the conditioner through your hair.

Hi Mowbray!

I recently went back to being a brunette and the colour started to fade pretty much as soon as I left the hairdresser's. Since having it re-done I've been using L'Oreal Nutri-Gloss shampoo and conditioner (the conditioner is the best I've ever used!) every day. I then put on some V05 Fade Defy Daily Colour Lock (it's lasted me nearly three months now- you only have to use a small amount) before blow drying. After straightening, I then use John Freida Shine Shock Perfecting Glosser (pea size amount- three month old bottle and still haven't used even half of it) and my hair has never been in this good a condition.

My hair used to get really frizzy and break off all the time as I use my straighteners religiously, but the above products seem to have cured it all! xxx

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Conditioner for Recently Coloured Hair

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