How do I make him aware?

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butterfly23 | 10:54 Tue 16th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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I really like my friend's elder brother, though I have only met him briefly a couple of times, and would love to get to know him better, as I think we could potentially be a great couple. I'm just wondering how I should go about making this known to him. I wouldn't feel comfortable about asking him out as I am rather shy. It's my friends birthday in a couple of weeks and she's going to book a table in a restaurant for a few close friends and family, so I will most certainly see him there. What should I do?


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If you've only met him briefly a couple of times how do you know that you "could potentially be a great couple"???

In answer to the dinner question, make sure you're sat near him and strike up a conversation.

Why don't you mention to your friend that you like her brother ? Ask her if she can put a good word in for you ?
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flipflop the key word there was 'potentially', I didn't say could 'certainly' be a great couple.

It's all in the eyes. If you hold eye contact with him, and smile, he'll get the message. Why not bring the conversation round to a film you;d like to see. Ask him if he'd like to go - inferring as friends, but again, hold the eye contact and smile. When you get to the pics, lean against him a little, and slip your hand into his.

If he doesn't return these gestures, he isn't interested in your sexually, but your dignity is intact, and you can be friends.

Good luck.

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How do I make him aware?

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