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jellytot01 | 21:59 Wed 10th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am kinda overweight, not by a lot but by enough for me to not feel confident about myself.

I know what I need to do to loose weight but I struggle with motivation. I just need to stop myself when I go to reach for what I know i shouldn't be eating.

I exercise a lot and enjoy it but I just need help with motivation.

Any ideas?



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find someone to exercise with - it's great motivation when you really can't be bothered and you're more likely to do it if you know other people are - you don't want to let them down! I know that doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a try.

Good luck!

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I exercise fine and don;t need motivation for that. i need will power to say no when i go for something to eat

go shopping for your target size, so that the next time you wanna grab dat bar of chocolate and u look @ all d lovely clothes and how much you've spent, u get motivated and resist

works for me all d time Lol!!!!

Put a photo of something on your fridge- either an unflattering pic of yourself, or a lush pic that inspires you. Your NEED to be thinner has to outweigh your desire to eat, which is VERY hard, as our desire to eat is what keeps us alive; we are programmed to do it. And food these days is made so much of crap that it is all too easy to take in too much fat and sugar and salt.

Try REALLY listening to your body. When is it genuinely hungry? When is it just thirsty? Are the signals the same- how do they differ? If your stomach rumbles, is it really hungry or just reminding you it is there? If you ignore it, does it go away, or does it keep coming back??!

When you are certain you are hungry, eat, but eat slowly, and really enjoy eating. Eat what your body is asking you for. It will tell you what it needs! And the most important thing- stop when you have had enough. Not when you are full, but when you are content.

Try to avoid having processed food in the house- it does nobody any favours. Try and cook from scratch with loads of veg, every day.

Jellytot, I am in the very same boat as you I'm afraid. I've been here a couple of times before and it get's tougher. Eat, get bigger, feel down so eat, get bigger, feel down & so on. I too find it easy to motivate myself to exercise but when it comes to the biscuit tin or the last peice of garlic bread or whatever it may be, I'm done for.

If you're anything like me, you feel bad about yourself and I've now come to understand that this is no place to start from. No offence amiak but I think buying clothes that are your target size would just be the same as self torture. I think the key is to start feeling good about yourself before you can make it happen. Go out and buy yourself an outfit or two that fit you comfortably now. Don't go mad but eat and don't feel guilty. I truly believe that feeling good about yourself first will help everything else fall into place.

I hope this helps. It may be that this was just a sub-conscious self help session for me but hopefully it will go some way to helping you too.

Hello jellytot,, Think of where you are going on holiday and aim for that,or a date,say sept 1st and an amount to lose,otherwise you might end up a jellybelly & not a jellytot, Good luck,take care, Ray

Hiya, an idea from a friend of mine....she has a photographs of herself, ones that she really likes, stuck to her fridge and food cupboards, then when she goes to eat something she shouldn't - she sees the photo and remembers why she stuck it there! Works for her.

Also, if you enjoy food, carry on....just do a little more at the, if you are on the running machine, increase the 'incline''ll use up more energy/calories, etc..

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