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Dollie | 23:21 Sun 07th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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I'm a child of the 60's and was sent every week to clinic to have sunray treatment - can't for the life in me think why - does anyone else remember putting goggles on and going into a room and standing in front of an ultraviolet light - don't believe it happens these days - wonder if it was dangerous ? thanks in anticipation


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it was used by the Doctor Bernadoes homes too, it was for vitamin deficiency i think, i have a book on it somewhere
yes vitamin D

Hi Dollie,


We used to do this but the whole of our class used to go into a room that was flooded with the UV lights and we would all walk round in a circle wearing just our underpants!


Did you used to get the bottles of concentrated orange juice aswell? I loved them!

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No Toureman - don't remember the concentrated orange juice. Thanks one and all for your replies. Dollie
yes I remember doing this in the late 40s, I had to go and strip off to my waist and sit with a load of other skinny kids [I am certainly not skinny now !] with our ribs showing and the goggles on for 20/30 mins once a week. I remember the orange juice well but does anyone else remember Virol ? it was like a spreadable toffee that was put on bread to encourage you to eat, I loved it.
Do hospitals still have sunray treatment? I have a bout of bronchitis every Winter (see my previous blog), and I'm sure my lungs would benefit. Or a sun lamp might help? Doesn't appear to be much information on the Internet. I'd rather have the sunray treatent than swallow synthetic pills.
Yes I was sent for Sun Ray Treatment because both my parents had TB and I had a tubercular gland in my neck. A group of children sat on a table in their underpants wearing goggles, This was around 1949/1951. I have now developed skin cancer which is associated with this treatment and have had several operations. I there any way I can sue the NHS because I have developed severe skin cancer as a result of this treatment and it is known that this is a side effect of Sun Ray Treatment. It seemingly takes around 40 years to develop. Can anyone help me find more information on this subject.

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Sunray treatment

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