Sweet names!

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Scarlett | 17:01 Mon 01st May 2006 | Body & Soul
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For a musical, I need some names (male and female) linked with sweets. Like Angel Cake, Di Gestives, Del Monty... Can you think of any others? Anything linked with sweets/cake/confectionary etc


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dolly mixture,candy floss,murrey mint,sher..bert dips,

You did make me larf Postdog - it nearly happened to me too.

I kept trying to post, but couldn't! I then typed it out in Word first, then copy/paste it to this page - it eventually worked!

Sherry Trifle

Cherry Tunes

Stu Pack

Peter Bread

Sal Tana

Nut Meg

Marjorie N Tubb
Minnie Rolls
Penny Chou

Dolly Mixture

Marsha Mallow

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Question Author

OH MY!!!

Thankyou so much everyone- what a great response!!

When our show reaches the west end, come and see it, and see if your name has ended up in the show!! x

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Sweet names!

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