Men's white swim trunks

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rescuer | 01:33 Sun 30th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know where one can buy men's white (non-transparent) swim trunks? Many years ago Jantzen was the top name for swimwear and they produced ladies swimsuits and men's swim trunks in non-transparent white but they don't seem to in business any longer.


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Theres a real sexy pair here!................. tCatalogue=CAT

I looked at the above link - I really can't see the average guy in the street strutting around with these under his jeans.

Why should us girls have all the nice underwear?

George michael had a nice pair,,,as i recall!!
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Sorry Toureman, but all I want is a pair of swimming trunks - non-see-through - as Jantzen were.

I want them for swimming, not posing. Unlike many men, usually the ones who go to the gym, I don't keep looking at myself in the mirrors in the changing room. Why they do it I don't know because most don't seem to have gained anything by using the equipment! They would all be better swimming which - if done correctly - is the finest exercise. But they probably can't swim. No doubt scared of getting their faces wet!

Oh, I am certainly not a queer, either.

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Thanks wolf63 but I had already checked these sites. They have lots of swim trunks but not white, apart from one which has huge lettering on the side advertising manufacturer.

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Men's white swim trunks

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