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Susan123 | 12:24 Fri 28th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am grumpy today, it's that time of the month and I want to know why do I weigh MORE?? I can put on 5 lbs by just looking at food at this time of the month. Bah humbug.


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There are a number of symptoms women can experience before their period and all of these are brought together under the term PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

A number of these symptoms can effect a woman's weight in the lead up to their period, so many women do find they experience some sort of weight gain. Specific symptoms can include abdominal bloating, water retention, slight swelling of breasts, and food cravings. All of these can result in you gaining extra weight.

As well as various physical symptoms, with PMS there can also be emotional symptoms, such as sadness and irritability.

The BBC health website features advice about how to deal with the bloating feeling.

If you do have concerns regarding weight gain, or any other symptoms you experience before or during your period, your local doctor (GP) should be able to help you.
try drinking lots of water as this helps with water retension which gives you that weight gain and bloatedness, evening primrose and starflower are great for the grumpyness, good luck i do sypathsize men dont realise how lucky they are x.
I suffered most of my adult life with every kind of pms. It got especially bad in my early 40s when I had VERY heavy periods, total lack of energy, the list goes on and on. Just a few months ago (as I was reaching the point when I thought there was nothing about me that actually worked at all!) I came across a website which actually listed each and every one of my symptoms and gave it a name - perimenopause. Apparently this can start as early as the mid 30s, and the worst thing is, doctors seem either ignorant of it or refuse to acknowledge it. There is a simple way to treat it, by using progesterone cream. I suggest you have a look at where you'll find a very interesting article by an American doctor. I started using the cream 4 months ago and I literally feel like a new woman. It's certainly worth a try.
Ah its not that you eat more, Its the big pants you wear at time of the month. mime weigh at least half stone :-)

I've noticed that my bowel and bladder output slows down before my period. When my period starts it really speeds up a bit.

It is bad enough having heavy periods, but running off to the loo on a regular basis makes it feel worse.

I am also in my early 40s and everything does go a bit beserk. I suffer from PCOS and have never actually started ovulating, but for some reason my 'period' still arrives - just the womb shedding.

I always advise people to try Agnus Castus for period realated problems and Black Cohosh for menopausal problems. Both available in health food shops.

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