How do I know when women fancy me ?

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daveinwales | 09:27 Wed 26th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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Interesting query really.

I'm a good looking, intelligent (I hope!) and friendly guy.

Previous partners have always said that I was a good catch, and constantly pointed out the fact that other women were jealous of them.

Howeever, as a single guy I don't seem to attract any attention - is it just a case that some women are attracted to the "forbidden fruit" of a man who's attached/married ?


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It may be true! Both me and my partner notice girls giving him the eye (especially in the supermarket!) when we are together, yet he says it hardly happens when he is alone/with mates.
I think that a lot of women try to pull an unavailable guy just to boost their own ego,and to wind up the other woman! Bit sad really!
you could try going out with a female friend and see if its any different then.
i'm quite happily single and do not try to pull unavailable guy's but they try it on with me on a regular basis, one of the many reason's i'm staying single!!!

welsh, good looking, intelligent and friendly... my ideal guy!!!!

how old are you dave? ;o)

I think there is something about men being more sexy when they are attached. You know that because another woman finds them attractive, they must have something. And there are all sorts of qualities that go with being attached- not least being house trained!

I have a friend who is married, who I find enormously sexy. But if he was single I am not sure if I would think the same.

It depends on the woman. Some women are forward and will make it perfectly clear to you, some will be too shy and others may wish to be pursued. That�s the mystery of us girls you see. ;o)

Daveinwales - This is your luck day.. Lol.. 'Tadaaa' .. Joke.

Ok.. are you 'trying' to attract attention when you are out? I'm sure that some woman somewhere is trying to flirt with you.. or thinks you are good looking but maybe is scared to approach you. Next time take a better look around and see who catches your eye. Approach a lady.. start a conversation.. I always ask myself first 'Whats the worst thing that can happen?' ;o)

littlemiss was gonna say the same thing!!!

If your welsh you have EVERYTHING going for you!! Woohoo - stand up and dance around if your welsh!!!!!!

on serious note though, everyone always wants what they cant have... its just the way we are. Its weird!

Yea, this is classic Social Proof.

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How do I know when women fancy me ?

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