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WiccanKitten | 19:39 Sun 23rd Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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A highly debatable subject, and I've no doubt I'll get a few 'Load of b*ll*cks' type answers......
But how many of you use the tarot? What do people think of it?
If not Tarot, do any of you find any other spiritual scrying methods useful?


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I use to use tarot some times when life was chucking me questions that I needed help with, but nowadays I'd rather speak to my father, who is an astrologer...
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Really? an astrologer, thats really interesting. Are we talking star-signs or '3 wise men' type predictions?
That must be really handy! x
I think you can only really read and understand Tarot cards if you're already psychic. Yes a lot of people who aren't make predictions but they're not really that accurate. I have a healer who comes once a month to heal me and both my sister and best friend are clairvoyant. I have had loads of experiences with Clairvoyants and believe it as I trust both my sister and friends and they've both been able to tell me things which only I ever knew about
I use tarot for assistance with some things ( I use the Thoth Tarot and also the Haindl) and I tend to agree with happy face to some degree that they are a useful aid to enable you to focus more easily rather than something with it's own will that will tell anyone anything they wish to know. I personally believe that each and every one of us are as clairvoyant as the next one though, we just either chosse to ignore it or get ourselves so tense that we cant focus properly.I don't actually believe one person is clairvoyant and another isn't. As I've got more relaxed over the years with opening up to things I'd have previously scorned I've found that I am able to focus with or without Tarot and scry at will as it were.I also practice Kaos Magick having been led there through the much maligned Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman-Spare. Well worth investigating once you get through all of the alarmist claptrap associated with it and study it properly and I've found it a very beneficial thing to be involved with. I'm certainly a more level and stable person for it and would recommend it to anyone whose not into power for it's own sake.

I used a tarot reading a couple of times - I think it was useful in that it helped me focus my thoughts/ self-analysis and looking at the whole situation, rather than mystically predicting the future.

Although having said that, I have been pretty freaked out by some very accurate and specific horoscopes in the past.

i av bin usin tarot for neally 5 years, i find them helpfull, usefull & 98% acurate! i am most deeply into my spiritual side!
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Ooooh, i am loving the feedback here. I am with Peachy on this one!
Noxlumos raises an interesting point regarding clairvoyancy, and one which i am inclined to agree with.
Ann h - The tarot are very useful for aiding completion in descisions, and to clear the mind, personally i don't believe that they 'predict' the future, but they certainly help clarify things!
keep the feedback coming!!! xx

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Tarot cards

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