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peachy3 | 07:18 Sun 23rd Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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does any1 believe in the power of tarot cards? i have some i have had them 4 neally 5 years now & they av more or less been spot on each time! I also do a few of my mates cards & they are always exactly spot on!


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errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, do you realise you left them here last Monday and they are on the cupboard in the bathroom! lol, you've not even missed them have you numpty.!
Can you see a meeting with a tall dark handsome man from overseas ....... Dottie says No! lol
nope. It's all in the interpretation.

joking apart................... i went to blackpool a few years back, with the wife and son.......... for a laugh (expensive laugh �20) i had my cards read, or whatever they do.......................

i am not joking you, the things she said were unbalievable!!! and before you all jump up and shout "ITS WORD PLAY", she said things that were far to deep in my mind......... she also said someone who works for me was robbing me,she never asked my job........ 6 months later, my transport manager left and set up on his own company, taking a few (not worthwhile) accounts with him!!!

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nah i aint mother they r rhys's numpty lol

Yes absolutely.
I own a Raider Waite set, which were 90% spot on. They were a great influence in my life, and through them i was also able to help other people.
I think i have recently converted my atheist father into believing the spiritual power of the Angel cards, (A sort of alternative form of tarot.) i have read his cards in hospital every day for the last 2 weeks, 3 cards a day for 13 days, and he has pulled just 5 different cards!!! They angels are adamantly giving my Dad a message, which happens to have great relavence, and has given us both great comfort.

My newer set (Tarot of the Cat People) are 100% spot on at all times! Love them to bits, and would never be without them.
What spread do u use Peachy?
**expects to see 'peanut butter', and fully accept that i may well have walked right into that one!!** x
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the cross, horseshoe, calendar & fan spread wana learn more tho
Bit tricky with no way of presenting a visual demonstration i realise.....but what is the 'fan spread' like, thats a new one one me! The cross is my favourite, and i love the clock too....i sometimes make up my own, with relevance to questions I am posing.
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i cud send ya through post if ya wanted? i also use my own spreads its 2nd nature afta a while
Yeh that'd be awesome!

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