Temporary Insomnia

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1977Nicky | 12:51 Wed 19th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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I have sinusitis (again!) at the moment. Whenever I have it, although it makes me VERY tired, I just can't sleep. In the past 2 nights I have had 1 and a half hours sleep total. If I don't sleep tonight I think I will have a nervous breakdown! I am trying not to worry about it as I know this won't help but last night I are dinner early, had a horlicks before bed, lit an aromatherapy burner with lavender and ylang ylang, read for a bit, put lavender on my pillow, then listened to my Deep Sleep hypnosis tape, then counted sheep - still didn't work! I have read some other threads on insomnia and saw that people have recommended Valerian and Nytol - am going to go to the chemist tonight, what shall I get and will the chemist sell valerian?


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Don't know about the medication but why don't you get your duvet, get comfy on the couch and settle down to watch a film. You'll probably nod off without even trying. Good Luck!
I think you may be treating the wrong thing!

What are you taking for your sinusitis? Try having a steamy hot bath before bed, and sleep on extra pillows supporting your upper back and shoulders as well as your head.

Nytol won't do you any harm and may just do the trick!

If you can, have a nap during the day. Every little helps!
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Hi Ethel, am on strong painkillers (docs have decided that I have become immune to the antibiotics as have been prescribed them too often). Had CT scan at the beginning of the year and am seeing a neurologist tomorrow so hopefully something will be sorted. Only thing is painkillers give me bad tummy - if it's not one thing it's another!! Thanks for the advice, can't wait to get home to my bed!
i maybe shouldn't be saying this but if everything else isn't working would you maybe smoke a wee joint? purely for medicinal purposes but it should knock you right out.
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Er, did I forget to add that in list of things I tried last night, didn't work!!!!! (shhhhhhh!)

I suffer from sinusitis too which keeps me awake because it's difficult to breathe properly. I use Breathe Right nasal strips (fabric not clear) which helps me no end!
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Thanks quizzywig but I don't seem to suffer too much with breathing problems when I have sinusitis, more the headaches and in this case eye ache! Tried Nytol (behind the counter) last night and managed to get about 5 hours sleep (albeit very broken sleep), still, thats a huge improvement on the last two nights!

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Temporary Insomnia

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