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stylinsam | 12:35 Wed 19th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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how come when i wear foundation it never goes like how you see it on the tv it either comes of within an hour or goes orange or patchey never ever looks effortless

does anybody no any good foundations x


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Hiya - Im trying to remember who makes it but its called Cashmere effect foundation and it basically glides on like silk - ive never felt anything so smooth in my whole life.In fact I think its by Loreal,but its gorgeous!!

There`s one under my patio....sorry couldn`t resist that one

i use lancome foundation which is u moisturise beforehand?. i dont use liquid foundation because they do tend to be blotchy, i use the powder foundation which lasts all day, i never have to touch up!

moisturise 10 minutes before applying. make sure it has dried in before putting your make up on, this will stop it going patchy

i swear by the clarins light reflecting one

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yes i do moisturise before hand

i have the same problem sam, after a few hours, i look like ive not got any on at all and all blemished etc are back on show!

I'm not very up on make-up and only wear it if I'm going out but a good tip I learnt was dot the foundation around your face and then always blend it in a downwards movement, never circular or upwards as this clogs the pores, also you should get a more even coverage.

Sorry if you already know/do this but I only found out about a year ago that this is what you should do and I'm 28! It seems to work too. I use Avon's foundation

wingnut, i was told by a make up expert never to rub it in a downwards motion as this will cause your skin to be dragged downwards and you could end up with unsightly jowls which makes a lot of sense. i was told to go upwards as this will lift your skin up.

Oh my gosh!! I have the SAME problem. It looks great when you put i on in the shop, next day, its the wrong colour, texture etc..its just a matter of trying different ones to see which one looks best on you.

I dont like matt foundations even though my skin is slightly oily as they make you look older and sit in fine lines giving you a caked out look. Go for more dewy light reflecting ones, such as Bobby Brown skin smoothing foundation �23 in a pot, Chanel vitaluminere again in a pot, they look quite thick but they are liquid and go on lightly with a nice glow with meduim coverage. Never choose foundation that is too pink toned if you have yellow toned skin or too dark for you as you'll look yuk. Try MAC Studio Tech foundation �22, and get it from selfridges where they can put it on for you. Another good one is Christian Dior Airbrush spray foundation which looks nice, like magazine skin and prob the only one which will resemble that, but remember these models pics are very airbrushed (hence the foundation name) and no one looks that great in real life, not even them! It costs �26 and you can build it up if you want. Get your face done with it at Selfridges.

Remember the key thing, always step outside and look in a mirror to check how you will look in daylight. as the light in stores is decieving.

If you cant afford that for foundation then try maybelline rewind foundation �6.99 it looks quite nice, and forget those matt mouses as they dont look nice.

Yeah I tried that Christian Dior Airbrush which was great, but didnt last very long at all !!

Oh cripes shazbang, I read it blocked pores by rubbing upwards! Upwards it is then!

Certain makes do "primers" that prime your skin to keep your foundation on. Try no 7, I think they do one
Lancome adaptive foundation.

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