ghd or hair tools?

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manda | 19:56 Sat 28th Dec 2002 | Body & Soul
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I have had a real struggle to choose between buying the cheaper hair tools straighteners or the very expensive ghd straighteners. I would ideally like to spend as little money as possible but i am worried that if i do i will not get as good a quality hair straighteners. What i would really like to know is that are the hair tools straighteners inferior to the ghd ones? should i save another �40 for the ghd ones or settle for the hair tools? please help! manda


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GHD every time. I have both and recommend GHD strongly
I have the Hair Tools straightners, and my good friend has the GHD's. My straightners do the job for me, but if my friend has hers, i prefer to use hers as it keeps my hair straighter for longer. but the Hair Tools are just as good!! I have seen a new set of straightners though -- SCP 100% Ceramic Hair straighteners 210�C on this website: ucts_id=112&osCsid=8cef0e0807dfeb580cc8a6b912ce4cb3 I am considering buying them at the minute. Hope this helped! :)

from reading reviews, the SCP seem to stop heating after a while. 

I just tried my GHD's today.  No complaints yet.  My hair tends to curle from the front as soon as I get out in the wind (even after coming out of the hair dressers).  Today it's a little windy and my hair is still straight!!

Worth the money, i think.

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ghd or hair tools?

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