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horselady | 16:44 Tue 11th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi, just to say thanks for the tip about Diprobase cream for dry skin. It's brilliant!!


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Have you also tried the Diprobath version? Makes your bath all slippy but its really good.

Glad to be of help.It is very good ..helped my dry skin no end.
Specially my spud peelers hands ! A fellow AB user advised me to use it and it's money well spent. They do have it in big tubs too for around a tenner which works out more economical than the tube if you use a lot of it.You can even wash with it !

do you know if this can be used on children - my son (3yrs) has really dry skin on his arms and legs and the usual aqueous cream & epaderm don't seem to be helping?

A xXx

I do recall gessoo once recommending Diprobase too, but not sure if she mentioned if you can use it on children.

Just found this link for you andrea. It appears quite helpful for children with dry skin & also mentions Diprobase. Here

thanks, I'll have a word with the HV and see if I can get it on a prescription for him

A xXx

Yes smudge, it can be used safely on children and is especially good for kids with eczema. Also wonderful for nappy rash. The staff in hospitals use it all the time for hand washing.

I get it on prescription. I found aqueous cream and E45 totally useless. I don't know why more doctors don't recommend Diprobase. Its very cheap, very safe and very effective and doesn't contain lanolin.

The makers of Diprobase need to pay me commission!!


You're welcome andrea - good luck too.

Wondered if you'd see this post gesso, so in the meantime found that very helpful website which recommends it for children too.

Fortunately, none of us suffer with dry skin & I don't normally suffer from dry hands, but this winter has taken its toll on them. I've been using the remains of a tub of our Grandchildren's Sudocrem & it reads that it's for Nappy Rash, Eczema & Bed Sores! It's brilliant stuff, but seeing as it's nearly empty, I'm going to invest in a pot of the infamous Diprobase. So thank you for recommending it.

I've had Diprobase prescribed to me by my doctor for about 10 years now. It's great for my eczema!

All 3 of my children suffered with really bad eczema and diprobase was really good. If you get a big pot, it has a pump dispenser which means they can do it themselves (especially useful at school) and it means you don't have to keep putting your hands into cream - stops risk of infection.

My husband also uses diprobase as a shaving cream - no more sore face !!!

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