man develops art talent after being donated heart by artist

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nancie | 15:29 Sat 08th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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In the newspaper the other day, it was documented that a man who could not previously draw or paint, or had any artistic talent suddenly could suddenly produce amazing art, drawings and paintings after being donated a heart. He eventually found out whom the heart came from and it turned out that it was from a talented painter and artist who created some really good pieces of work

How can this be? Is this possible? I dont understand it! Can anyone explain how this came to be?


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i read about a man who got a womans heart and now has a passion for cleaning and ironing
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ha ha ha

hi nancie, sorry no opinion on the heart man, just hope he raises some money for heart charity....

ronnie963, thank you for my ditty about glow worms... i use it as my signature on froggers!!!

you,re welcome beryllium
as far as I know they dont give out the identities of organ donors, Im wondering why he was allowed to know?
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Because of the sudden and amazing talent he achieved he wanted to contact the family of the donor. The family agreed. This has been done many times before, it is not law that you cannot contact the donor family but rather policy..some people find ways to get around this!
yeah guess its ok if donors family were happy. What a strange story!!
It wasn't on the 1st of April was it.
I remember about 3 or 4 years ago reading about someone who had received a heart transplant, apparantly after the operation he strated having vivid dreams about a woman he had never met and these dreams would leave him very upset ............ I can't remember exactly how they met but he regonised this woman he had been dreaming about and it turned out to be the mother of the donor....Strange or what?
As a spiritual person I believe that the donor's spirit is living on in the man to some degree. There was a similiar case a few years ago when a young man had a kidney transplant. He was never musical but during his convalesence he felt an urge to play the piano at home and astounded himself and his family by playing classical music.
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Thats amazing Fina and makes you wonder about whats really behind life..we are not just material physical beings,,but rather spirtual beings with souls beyond this dimension..amazing to think about!

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man develops art talent after being donated heart by artist

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