How can you achieve a flat stomach without losing too much weight?

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nancie | 15:10 Sat 08th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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I want to achieve a falt stomach, but i dont want to lose weight on the other parts of my body. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am a size 12, and im ok all round, though i need toning, but i am stuck with this annoying pot belly that i just cant shift. Do i need to eat well amd excerzise all round to maintain my weight and help shift belly, or should i just target my abs with sit ups and hope for the best. I dont evem know how to do prpoer sit ups, they ouch my back. What should i do!!


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I am quite slim (size 10) but since turning 30 my stomach stopped being so flat. I don't have a big appetite so it wasn't because I was overeating. I have now been going to the gym for three months (4 x per week) and my stomach is flat again!

I do 20mins bike, 20mins uphill fast walking on treadmill and 20mins on cross trainer. It was difficult to start with but now I find it really easy and this is the only thing that has shifted my pot belly. I don't do sit-ups as I just don't like doing them but they would make a difference if I did them too.

You could also try changing your diet a bit in case you are eating too many foods that would cause bloating (mainly wheat things).

Good luck!

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ta angel-cake..i was thinking about joining the gym, so i will do that. As for wheat, ive always had my suspicions, as well as gluten, so ill try cut those out too.

Thanx 4 the advice!!

The sit up thingys (no idea what they are called!!) are great they really support your neck and back. You really do need to concentrate on abdo exercises and situps are the best by far.
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cheers alijangra!! me and you are getting a good rappor lol!

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Cheers alijangra!!!

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How can you achieve a flat stomach without losing too much weight?

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