Headache at top of skull

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shazbang | 13:10 Mon 27th Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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I very very rarely ever get headaches but in the last couple of days have been having pains at the top of my skull on the left side almost like someone's trying to chop into it with an axe. I looked up a few headache websites and none of them mentioned having pain in this area. I've also been feeling quite sick recently. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? cheers.


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A couple of days sounds to be verging on persistant, I think it may be time to see/ talk to your GP.

All the best.

I agree with sylvana, go to the docs and get it checked out!

I suffered terrible headaches and nausea at one point and found out it was due to oestragen withdrawal when I was on the 7 day break from the pill! It could be something like that!

Hope you get it sorted soon!
Sounds like a migraine to me. Best to go to your doc's though to get it checked out and properly diagnosed.
I would agree with eash - it sounds very much like migraine, especially as it is one sided and you feel sick. Migraine headaches are very different from ordinary headsvjrd/ You must get it checked out though with your GP. Good luck

Just shows I am a touch typist!!

I meant headaches!!!

Hi Shaz - just out of interest - apart from feeling sick, have you had any strange coloured zig zag blurry line sensations on one side of your head/eye?

The reason I ask, is because whenever I used to get a migraine, I felt terribly sick & had the coloured zig zag sensation too. On the first sign of this, I used to take two pink migraleve tablets. These usually alleviated the symptoms & prevented the cracking headache taking over.

If your heache has been severe for more than a day, it's usually best to get it checked out by your GP, as advised. Hope you feel better soon.

This sounds so familiar to me! My migraines are just as you are describing... the axe jobby and the nausea!

Mine are hormonally related and usually come at the beginning middle and end of my cycle. Sometimes they last for a few hours and sometimes two or three days.

Please go to the doctors because there are things you can take to relieve or even prevent it - and, of course, to get a proper diagnosis.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for your answers. Much appreciated.

Julie-eve you may be on to something there - my period is due tomorrow, i wonder would this be the cause?

Smudge, no zig-zaggy lines but I have been unusually tired today and last night went a bit 'funny' like my own voice sounded weird in my head and everything went surreal, this has never happened before.

If the headache continues I will make an appointment to see my GP but thought I would get a few ideas on here first so I wasn't going to the doctors for 'just' a normal headache as I dont normally get headaches and wouldn't really know a normal one from a migraine.

Take care & get well soon Shaz.

Shazbang. Migraine can cause all sorts of weird symptoms, such as those you have just described. I feel terribly drained and withdrawn just before I get them and any small sound gets exaggerated and echoey. My son used to lose the use of his right arm, which was scarey. I once lost the sight in one eye just before a migraine.

Good luck at the doctors.

Yes I used to lose the sight in one eye too, the one which had all the zig zag lines in it - I just couldn't see anything clearly!

It's very disconcerting, 'epecially when you get numbness in the side of your face, arm or hand too.

I think you are suffering from migraines.
Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or neck.
Headaches can be caused by minor problems like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more serious reasons
like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side effects, so it is better to modify your
lifestyle. More information available at

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Headache at top of skull

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