Is it better to be poor and happy than well paid and sad and unhappy?

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nancie | 15:53 Thu 23rd Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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Is it better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy? i want to leave my job and travel, no doubt ill be poor but at least ill be this a good idea? someone help me!!


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If you are young, single and fancy free then leave your job and travel. You may be poorer financially, but you will be richer by far for all that experience and fun. Do it now while you can. Don't hesitate - just go. We only have one life - make the most of it. Once you have commitments such as mortage and/or children it won't be quite so easy.
I did it back in the 70's and have never ever had any regrets!
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Wow thanks for the inspiration gessoo..u've made me think alot more..hmmmm
Poor and happy. Go for it. you've said you may be poor but you'll be happy so surely being poor wont be getting you down.
Oh i'm so with gessoo on this one (hiya G by the way x). Do it now while you still can, or you'll spend your dotage thinking "what if........"
Hi Boo!!! I would still get up and go at a moment's notice - even with my creaky joints!! Unfortunately, MrG isn't quite as scatty as me!!
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guys you are soooo right..ima start saving and by xmas im on my way. I might start in Cuba..i love you old blighty, but nahh!! my job is so stressfull, it takes it right out of me, im shattered every night and im only 26. Ima see the world, be poor, but happy! xx
Poor and happy. As the saying goes, "No one on their deathbed ever said, 'I wish I had spent more time in the office.'"

I took a year out two years ago and went round the world (4 months S America, NZ, Oz, 4 months SE Asia, India) and would be a lesser person if I hadn't.

Do it!

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lol, fantastic, i will..he he to kittyglitter-lol

I had my first when I was only just 18, which is fine and I love my life, I have a good time and things are great,

however, when my fifth child will be old enough to make her own way, i shall only 46 and what do I plan to do?

a) find myself a career to fall into for the rest of the 25 years of working I'll need to do

b) stay at home and be a free babysitter for my grandchildren

c) Rent out my house, go travelling with the proceeds, take lots of photos, eat lots of different things, see everything, learn languages, talk to other people, and send a postcard to all my children and grandchildren from all the different places i've been to?

When my kids go to Uni, what will I suggest?

a) go straight at 18, work simultaneously to pay those horrid fees

b) take a year out to work to cover the horrid fees

c) take a year out, travel, work with a charity, meet new people, worry about the fees when you get back?

you guessed it right! If you have to Op, go home, pack your bags, rent out your house and get on a plane. You can always come back and get a new job if you don't like it.

good luck.

Oh lordy - do it!!! Please do it.

Then write a book about it and make a fortune!

Even if the book is out of the question please do it. Plently of time to be stuck in the job/mortgage/grind rut when you get back.

I wish you well, and am very jealous!

The worst is to be poor, sad, unhappy, and lonely.

I have been that way.

There's no point in being rich if you're unhappy and money won't buy you happiness. Only contentment from within will bring that, so while you're young, single and without a mortgage, go for it. Use the time and experience learned on your travels to reflect what you want to do with your life longer term, and come back renewed and fired up. You might even be able to use your experience to get a better job, perhaps in the Tourism and Travel sector.
i think you've answered your own question...have fun :-)

My preferences would be: rich and happy, poor and happy, rich and sad, poor and sad.

I've only been (relatively) poor and happy, and poor and sad (v. occasionally). Poor and happy is OK as long as you can cope the consequences of not having enough money.
I would've liked to have travelled when I was younger, but circumstances meant that I couldn't. If you have a base to go back to after your adventures, then I'd go for it!

Good luck!

Go for it - I wdidn't have the nerve when I was younger & now have the job/mortgage/children scenario. I wouldn't swap it now but wish I had been more adventurous
You only get one shot at life nancie so my advice is do it.... life experience is of much greater wealth than money imho.

Hey Nancie

I'm 26 and have found myself stuck in a job I hate but with a mortgage I can't up sticks anymore. Do it. My mother wanted to do the same and you and didn't. She got married to get away from her mean Mum instead. All ended in tears and guess what? Aged 40 she went travelling! Do it now while you have the opportunity and you can settle later. Good luck. XXX

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you guys are all veryinspirational and i thank you all for your wonderful def going to go what if ill have no money, i have my health and ill make the most of life while i am away, i hope all you who want to go away get to..remember, you only live once xxx bless

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