Weight Watchers or Slimming World?

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ginastone | 19:03 Wed 22nd Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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Anyone have any advice - I'm thinking of joining either Weight Watchers or Slimming World to gain some control over my eating habits and lose a small amount of weight. I've attended Weight Watchers before with success, but have heard about Slimming World and just wondered about it's success rate? Not sure which to go fed up with counting points last time I followed Weight Watchers!! Thanks...


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Every single diet has it's downsides. You are having to eat less food, for a start. You can either count points, or you can do what Slimming World advises. I lost 2 stone with S. World and found it really very good. You have either green or original (red) days, and on either of these days you have a list of "free" food- ie, you can eat as much as you like of these foods. On green it tends to be carbs- pasta, rice, potatoes... on Original it is lean meat. Everything else is either in moderation- weighed, or not allowed. In addition you can have 10 "sins" a day- which you can use however you like. The downside to this was that, for me, it meant eating too much processed food. I didn;t feel that healthy on it. I lived on tins of macaroni cheese! But you NEVER go hungry, and you do lose weight. which can't be bad.
ginastone, like Scarlett I lost weight with Slimming World, and I couldn't believe it because I was eating so much more than I had been before.I was always full.However some of it has crept back on again ( as usual!) so I am going to try using their Red and Green Days again, but try more healthy options. Good luck.

I would say it depends on the individual. If you like being able to eat what you fancy on any given day but put a limit on that amount then do weight watchers. If you are the kind of person that can't limit what they eat quantity wise but don't mind sticking to certain foods for any givn day try slimming world!

Good luck!

Slimming World! I've lost over 2 stone slow but such a healthy way of eating and Im never hungry.
Join both. You'll lose twice as much weight.

I lost 2 stone on Slimming World. I was allowed 15 sins per day so still managed to have chocolate every day !!

I would defo recommend it.

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Thanks everyone - sounds like Slimming World is the more popular of the two! Have to say I like the idea of being able to eat a proper platefull, instead of minute portions like with Weightwatchers...although I guess it may be that I hadn't quite got the hang of the correct foods to be eating. As with any diet, I just don't have the time or patience to prepare meals - so I'm going to have to watch I don't slip into relying on ready meals...
Hi, I have tried both too. I'm currently with Weight Watchers and have lost a stone in 8 weeks. I tried Slimming World but it just didn't work for me, I lost 2 lb in 6 weeks. The main problem I found was that I'm terrible at planning meals ahead, I like to just open the fridge/cupboard and have what I fancy at the time. That is why I get on better with WW, I can eat pretty much what I fancy, but it does mean I will probably have to go without something else.
I am currently a member of the slimming world cult! It does work but you still have a kind of points system (syns) , I love my food and can't be arsed to worry about the "syns" of olive oil etc. My friend has stuck to it religiously and has lost over a stone in 2 almost a stone, a bit up and down, but i still indulge in the odd KFC!! I say join the club,stick to it best you can, don't send yourself mad worring about the syns and do some exercise.....good luck!!
Join neither except for the friendship. You will only lose weight by cutting down on what you eat and you can do that yourself.

I'm just off for a fish supper!!
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