sore ribs

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Morrisonker | 19:06 Tue 14th Mar 2006 | Body & Soul
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I've had a horrible hacking cough since saturday and my ribs really hurt, especially round the back, as though I've slept awkwardly. Is there anything you can suggest to ease the discomfort? Baths aren't working and sadly I have no one to give me a medicinal massage :(


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Hi there Morrisonker, I think, just to be on the safe side, you should pop to the docs and have a wee test. You can take a sample with you when you go and you can buy the wee test pots in Boots. The reason I say this is just to get your kidney functions tested as theres such awful colds and bugs going round and you may have a little upset in your kidneys.(re: back ache) if all is well then thats good and maybe you have a bacterial infection and may need to zap the bugs with some antibiotics. Do wish you well..
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aww, thanks but it's higher up than my kidneys. I'll maybe pop to the doctors at the end of the week, part of me is slightly worried i might have cracked a rib with all the coughing :(
Could also be a chest infection needing treatment. Pleurisy is very painful when you breathe and cough.
Could be simple muscle strain from the sheer effort of coughing.
Worth a visit to the GP in any case.

Agree with the others, but for sympton relief try rubbing in some Ibruprofen gel ie powergel, a good phamasist can advise you on this. Or alternatively, try rubbing in some arnica cream, which can help bruises and sores.

Hope you feel better soon :o)

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sore ribs

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