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andrea_h | 16:12 Sat 25th Feb 2006 | Body & Soul
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What are you listening to right now? Boring customer going on about nothing!!
What kind of shoes are you wearing currently? Caterpillar boots
What was the last thing you ate/drank? Special K bar & tea
Do you wish on stars? No way
Have you ever had a wish come true? no
Who was the last person you were on the phone to? Mel, she was phoning in sick
Favourite movie? all time fave probably the Sound of Music - how sad am I???
Hair colour? Brown with highlights at the moment
Siblings? 1 sister
What CD is in your CD player? Probably something really sad
Favourite food? Chinese - all of it!
What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? Wallace & Gromit - you see all sorts when you've got kids
Have you ever loved and lost? no
Have you ever loved and gained? yes
What do you do to vent anger? Shout & slam things � then cry
What was your favourite toy as a child? A toy monkey called Charlie - still got it! (don't play with him now though!!)
Favourite dessert? All of them - but not custard!* When was the last time you cried? Last week when I had earache - it hurts so much!
Folded t-shirts or t-shirts hung up? More like kinda scrunched up in a drawer!
What's under your bed? CD collection
What did you do last night? fell asleep on the settee for an hour then watched crap telly til bedtime!
What is your biggest flaw? Too many to mention!
What is your best personality characteristic? Easy going & relaxed
Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? Toffee
Favourite car? Convertible Beetle - old style
Favourite flower? sunflowers
How many years at your job? - just over 7 years
Favourite day of the week? Tuesday
What did you do on your last birthday? Meal & drinks
Shy or outgoing? Half & half
Cake and ice-cream or separate? Definitely separate


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Malcolm in the Middle on the TV

No shoes, just socks currently

Organic yoghurt

Yes I do

Not that I can remember but my wishes tend to be unrealistic.

My friend - discussing our night out last night and what we got up to!!

Calamity Jane - I win the sad crown methinks

As of this morning, copper with golden highlights

Chicago Soundtrack

Mashed Potato

Mr and Mrs Smith

Yes I've loved and lost

Not yet loved and gained (unless you mean the relationship weight gain)

Rant like a mad woman and then cry

Hercules - long legged rabbit thing.

Baked cheesecake

Earlier this week - men issues.

Hang those t-shirts


Went out, got merry, snogged an ex

Tendency to let my mouth run away, sometimes tactless, selfish and sometimes jealous

Open, honest, generous, passionate, caring, funny - take your pick.


Dodge Viper


15 months



Bit of both

Together if the cake is warm!

calamity jane is on tomorrow irisred, been watching seven brides for seven brothers today...... excellent stuff... you cant beat the old ones x

andrea, were you really typing, whilst listening to a customer?

Question Author
No - just while waiting in a queue to get through to customer service - 19mins all together!! Kept the customer informed throughout though - just like I'm supposed too!!........Aren't call centres great!!

  • U2

  • None - bare feet

  • Glass of Robinson's Orange Barley Water

  • Egg, chips, mushrooms & tomatoes (comfort)!

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Our daughter

  • Brief Encounter

  • Brown

  • 5 Sisters & 4 Brothers (well 4 Sisters now)

  • U2

  • Egg, chips, mushrooms & tomatoes

  • So long ago, can't remember!

  • Yes, my parents & sister

  • Yes, my husband

  • Put my hands on my head & count to 100!

  • Didn't have many toys - but a Doll

  • Yoghurt

  • Today

  • Hang best ones - fold work ones

  • 4 drawers with bedding in

  • Read, played cards, then watched telly

  • Worrying about everyone else except me

  • Friendly, outgoing, kind & giving

  • Toffee Popcorn (from Sainsbury's)

  • Mercedes

  • Lilies

  • 26 years

  • Saturday (day I was born too)

  • Had family & friends - buffet & booze

  • Outgoing now (but very shy when younger)

  • Arctic Roll (Sponge cake & Ice Cream combo)!

I feel better now!

Ah - I worked in a call centre for a while, not fun!!

Is Calam on tomorrow?? How superb!! I did watch 'Seven Brides' today altho ITV did at one point have it labelled as 'Seven Bride for Seven Sisters'.... i laughed my arse off!!

  • the TV

  • im barefoot

  • pizza and a bottle of water

  • no

  • once

  • Janet my mate

  • Dumb and Dumber

  • Black

  • 3 older sisters

  • Foo Fighters 'In your Honour'

  • macaroni cheese and chips

  • Memoirs of a geisha

  • no

  • yes

  • go to the golf driving range or my go to karate dojo

  • a yellow teddy called 'Teddy Brown'

  • ice cream, custard, pudding and donuts

  • last week when i saw my friend in hospital (she got attacked)

  • just chucked into the t-shirt drawer

  • the floor

  • tidied my room and slept

  • im too picky

  • im a good listener and i think im sincere

  • sugared

  • Bentley Continental

  • Black Lotus

  • 1 and a half

  • Sunday

  • Went to a posh hotel and had a lavish dinner

  • both

  • together!

  • Sunday

TV footie is on (yawn) waiting for 9.00 news.

Woolly socks

Toast and Marmite



Brother in law called from the states 1am today! Never gets the time difference.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Dark brown, highlighted streaks

1 brother

The Magic Numbers


Wallace and Gromit (ditto andrea_h!!)



Snap pencils in half. Try it sometime ;)

The Snoopy dog my mum made


Watching One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest the other evening

My tshirts hang; his get folded. We have no space after I've put his shirts in there!

4 empty, potentially very useful drawers. (We just got a new bed and I haven't got round to filling them. Flipping AB too addictive)

Watched the superb Dirty Pretty Things then bed

Like to get the last word, can interrupt, chews gum noisily (I hate that!!)

Home-made salted (with a dash of tabasco in the cooking oil, yum)

Mini cooper

Lisianthus. The sunflower is my dad's favourite so somehow became my name here!

3 years (a record)


Both. I still cannot bear speaking to a crowd.


  • The dulcet tones of Andy Gray commentating on the Man U v Wigan game

  • Just my socks

  • a life-giving hangover cure fry-up

  • Nope

  • Yes

  • My girlfriend skiing in Switzerland - v.jealous!

  • The Italian Job (original, not the remake)

  • Erm, prematurely grey! Dark, going (gone!) grey. Some wag called me 'dad' in a nightclub last night - he looked older than me!

  • The Arctic Monkeys album

  • Indian - going for one tonight

  • Brokeback Mountain

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Shout and rant to vent spleen, but only when pushed!

  • My BMX bike

  • Any dessert, I don't discriminate. Apple Crumble

  • about 18 months ago

  • folded, only due to the amount I have

  • monsters, bad stuff, Shergar and Lord Lucan

  • went out clubbing and drank far too much

  • not knowing when I'm well off

  • i'm very sociable, once the whole British politeness of 'being introduced' is dealt with.

  • salted

  • Aston Martin Vanquish. In silver, beige leather and a full tank of gas, if I can be picky.

  • erm, not sure. Can I just say 'hanging baskets' - I like a mixture, and identify them with summer.

  • 8 years as a the same place.

  • Friday

  • worked, then had a lovely meal cooked for me.

  • outgoing when I know you, shy otherwise.

  • Separate. Don't cross the beams!!!

Cheers, Steve ;-)

Radio 2


Veggie samosa, pot of cous cous and a can of diet coke

Not really

National Rail Enquiries


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Light brown with red bits

One younger brother

Something country and western

Chilli with tacos and sour cream

Dog Soldiers (approx 3.5 years ago!)



Shout and rant, then cry

A red lorry called Tanker

Meringue with fresh cream and strawberries

Last week


Our old video machine and the big travelling rucksack

Went to the pub

Can be selfish and stubborn

Generally chilled out


Mitsubishi L200


9 years 5 months


Party and BBQ at home with friends

Depends how many pints I've had

Either or both!

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