gay/straight side of nose piercing

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Swizz | 12:24 Sat 28th Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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i am going to get my nose pierced, but was wondering if the whole 'gay/straight side of the nose piercing' thing was still relevant. i want to get my right nostril done, as my fringe sweeps to the left, and the top of my left ear is pierced. so it just seems to make sense. im not too bothering about piercing the 'gay side' but i was just wondering if people still believed this. thanks


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what? you must have very little going on in your life to be worried about what side of your body is the gayiest. However based on what you have said about your appearance. I would go with the right, most people have the right side done, nothing to do with it being the gay or straight side of your body.
back in the day it used to be said that piercings were used to but used to advertise / express sexual orientation though i think even then it was more of an urban myth rather than anything really and these days there really is not message being sent (other than maybe you have a high pain threshhold??!)
I've got the right side done. Ouch :-)
Personally I would have my left nostril done if any.... but surely the fact that you want this peircing done in the first place says more about you than wether you are gay or not? By the way.... are you? Have fun and don't sneeze!!!!!
Don,t bother with either side, I don't know how other males feel about it but it repulses me.

i was always told "Left ear Buckaneer, right ear queer"

Left nostril if your straight, right if u aint

Decisions Decisions - lmao I have had my nose pierced for over 10 yrs and its on my right side, I cant say I even cared that it might be my gay side, although I dont believe there is such a thing. Hehehe... If I worried that much about my piercings theyd all be one side of my body lol, Id get weighed down.
hi, i have my nose pierced on the right and my best friend has hers pierced on the left, but i dont think it really matters wht side, bc i see every1 with both sides all the time!!!
wow haha I never knew there was certain sides until today actually, I only had my nose done yesterday on the right side but i'm not homosexual at all. I say just choose the side that you think will suit you best, like the left side wouldn't suit me at all but that doesn't make me homosexual.

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gay/straight side of nose piercing

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