Eyesight problems

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sammd | 20:32 Wed 18th Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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My eyesight was perfect until a few years ago when i noticed i couldn't see things far away as clearly as i used to. I got some glasses but i didn't need them for driving. Until a few months ago there was only a very gradual change in my eyesight (it got worse but only very slightly and i started wearing them for driving at night). Over the last few months it's suddenly got worse and things i could see before i now can't see, e.g. the time on my clock which is a few metres away on a shelf.

Is there a reason why eyesight suddenly deteriorates? Can it be related to stress and is it permanent or will they improve again? It's really scary not being able to see as well as i used to (i'm 25).


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Although your age would predict against it, your symptoms sound somewhat like the onset and development of a cataract. There are generally, two different kinds of cataracts. Both have differing causes. One is age related. It's found that a high percentage of people over the age of 70 have or will develop the condition. The other, however, is caused by some eye injury. This need not be significantly traumatic, perhaps not even memorable. This type of cataract can appear quickly and develop rapidly. I wouldn't give it a whole lot of concern, but you should determine that you've been examined for the condition.

Best of luck!

I have glasses only for driving and find that my sight without glasses also blurs considerably in the evening if I am very tired. I have had this checked out at the opticians and its "one of those things" so it may well be the same for you.

I am assuming that you have had checks for glaucoma etc at the opticians? As Clanad says, its worth getting a check up and i would suggest starting with a visit to the docs, especially if the blurred sight is accompanied by any other symptoms

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Thanks. My eyesight also just used to get blurry when i was tired but just recently it's been blurry like that all the time. My glasses however don't feel like they need changing, it's just my sight without glasses has changed. Think i'll go to the opticians...
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I just looked up what glaucoma is and now i'm scared! I've made an appointment for the opticians but they can't fit me in for 2 weeks, eek! I've noticed more little blood vessels in the white part of my eye aswell, does anyone know what that means? My eyes have always been sensitive to bright lights/the sun shining in my eyes aswell. No other doctor-worthy symptoms tho.
Have had had a diabetes check or do you have any systems of diabetes? My friend's perfect vision suddenly deteriorated when she was 25. It turned out it was caused by undiagnosed diabetes. Go and see a good optician and get everything checked out.
if yoyu think that diabetes is a possibilty , then ask if you can drop into your surgery for a urine test, it takes about a minute and the nurse can do it

I would certainly suggest a visit to GP and get checked for diabetes. I had no idea that I was diabetic until an optician referred me to a clinic .where it was found that I had Glaucoma, which is treated by drops. The diabetes was found by urine and blood tests , and is treated with a drug named Metformin . Better safe than sorry .mate .. good luck

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Thanks for all your posts. I was checked for diabetes about 6 months ago and was ok. I've managed to get an appointment at an opticians this afternoon. I'm glad i posted this on here otherwise i wouldn't have thought of getting it checked out this soon. Thanks!

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Eyesight problems

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