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Eleana | 19:45 Sun 01st Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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i know hangovers are a result of dehydration but howcome i still feel thirsty after drinking loads of water? how much would i need to drink to satisfy my thirst? and has anyone else heard that taking milk thistle before a nights drinking and then after as well prevents hangovers? also is it just me or does drinking white wine result in a worse hangover than drinking spirits? why is this?


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Milk thistle is good for your liver. It will not stop you getting a hangover. i use RU21 tablets when i go out and they work really well. They are herbal and you take 2 before you go out and prob another 2/3 when you are out and i guarantee you will wake up fresh as a daisy. they are available in boots but i find them cheaper from ebay

I saw on the news just before Christmas the results of a very extensive scientific investigation into literally dozens of so called hang-over cures, they found that nothing worked, nothing at all, except drinking less!

Drinking water to replace the fluids lost to the diuretic effects of alcahol is a good idea, but it wont stop you feeling sick, (might even make that worse), and will, at best, reduce the head ache.

Recent studies show that milk thistle has no proven benefits to the liver, and may in fact be harmful!

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