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shaneystar2 | 00:16 Fri 30th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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I have recently been diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid gland.I am nearly fifty eight years old,female, and have been wondering why,over the last few months I have felt so rotten.I have been very lethargic and my hair and skin have become very dry.I have gained weight and have a general "can't be bothered" attitude.My normally strong fingernails have split and crumbled.Shortly before Christmas I had a funny "turn" where I felt shaky and sweaty and quite strange, so took myself off to my GP where,after blood tests and an ECG this condition was diagnosed. I now have to take Levothyroxine for a month and they are going to monitor me.Has anyone else had or has this condition and what is the outlook.Very grateful for any input.


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shaneystar2. My cousin and 2 friends has been taking Levothyroxine for many months. Their symptoms were just like yours. A patient is usually started off on the lowest dose to see how they respond. That dose you're on may do the trick but many patients need to try different doses before they are stable. My hubby is having a blood test soon for the same as you. Please dont worry:-))

This condition will probably be a ''for the rest of your life'' thing but it actually no big deal really, once the level of replacement is stabilized your life should return to normal except that you will now need to take some tablets everyday. Read this for some good info on the problem.

why dont you take some kelp tablets they wont harm you..and they should improve your problem....
I've had an underactive thyroid for many years. You will have to take medication for the rest of your life, but you soon start to feel really well again and have a lot more energy.
I was told I had this 3 weeks ago, after finally going private because my doc wouldn't accept there was anything wrong with me.

The tablets will be altered gradually - I've got to go for blood tests every couple of months so they can get the dose right. You will be on them forever, but they should really help. Apparently once the dosage gets sorted out, you will feel almost like a different person.

I had exactly the same symptoms as you some 10 years ago, Shaneystar, and was constantly going to the doctor with one thing or another. Stupidly, it hadn't occurred to me that, because my mother, father and brother all had hypothyroidism, there was a fair chance that I did too!

Anyway, the blood tests showed that I was producing virtually no thyroid hormone, I started on thyroxine and am now well again. That, plus a low-carb diet has helped me to lose three and a half stones; I now have the energy to go to the gym regularly; I've just completed an MA course with the Open University. Oh, and hypodthyroid patients get free prescriptions!

I take 150mcg of thyroxine each day and have my blood tested once a year. Occasionally, over the years - during times of extreme stress - I've had a 'blip' and had to have the dose altered, but that's happened only 3 times.

When they've got your dose sorted out you'll be amazed at how ill you've been and how well you feel. Happy and healthy 2006!

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Thank you all for your kind and helpful answers.It is early days yet as I have only been on the medication since Wednesday.
My GP did say that he will have to monitor the dosage so I will have to go for repeat tests.I suppose in a way I was hoping for an overnight cure !!
It is strange though because earlier this year I had the mumps.Of all the things to get at my age.It was most unpleasant and knocked the stuffing out of me for ages and I thought it was something to do with that.
I am glad I went to my GP though .It has put my mind at rest.
I shall definitely try some kelp Mullien.Thank you for that suggestion.
Thanks folks once again and a Happy New Year to you all.

I have been taking 100mcg of levothyroxine daily for about 15 years now shaneystar. I had an operation for an over active thyroid when I was 30 and then by the time I was 50 my body was not making enough thyroxine hence I was given medication to compensate. Bit of a bummer really. Try not to worry, as the others say once you get your medication sorted you will be fine. I have an excellent GP who always explains everything fully which helps. I have an annual blood test to ensure levels of thyroxine are correct. To be honest apart from that I take my tablet every day and never think about it. I never think of it as an illness in fact I forget all about it! Good luck.

I would advise speaking to your GP before taking kelp tablets. Natural remidies can be very helpful and Kelp is known to be effective with Thyroid problems however they can also effect your prescribed medication.

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Underactive thyroid

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