As Sad As This Case Is ,I Agree With The Decision Not To Move Archie

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Bobbisox1 | 17:46 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | Body & Soul
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What could happen if when moving him he died instantly?

Would his parents Sue the hospital?


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although i understand how distasteful this sounds, keeping a child alive in ICU probably costs iro £2k a day, probably meaning at least £1/4m has been spent on his care already. I'm not really in a position to judge what the NHS spends it's money on (i am a net taker, on v expensive drugs AND the NHS paid for the funerals of 3 of my children plus provided 10 weeks n...
21:22 Fri 05th Aug 2022
I don't really understand why the parents are so consumed with the idea of moving him to a hospice. Both my parents died in hospital - my Dad in intensive care after withdrawal of life support and my Mum who had been moved from a ward to a private room when the staff realized the end was near. Both passings were peaceful and dignified - far more dignified than trying to get them into an ambulance to die somewhere else.
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I agree 237SJ, I’m sure the hospital would make it as peaceful and private as possible for the family to say their goodbyes to their beautiful boy
This might have been discussed on the Archie thread....but as mentioned elsewhere, most hospices are not set up with the necessary equipment for someone in his condition. He is already judged to be brain dead, and I believe his organs are starting to shut down.
I really don't think any good can come from moving him, and they will not...what with all the equipment creating a more peaceful environment, if that is their aim.
I am sure they can get privacy in hospital. When my Sil died in hospital, they went out of their way to make it private. We were not bothered by anyone.
We had soft music playing & took turns reading to her.
17.54 You might look on it a bit different had it been your Grandson.
Why is that gulliver?
Logical relationships between the Royal London and the Battersbee family have irrevocably broken down and I would guess that the staff of the hospital are as keen to see the back od the Battersbees as the family are of the Royal London.

Both Hopkirk and I on previous threads have asked who pays the legal fees in this case, appeals etc but up to now have not had any helpful replies, any ideas?
Sqad - I think it's some Christian group.
237...thanks, must be a wealthy organisation.
I told you who it was on the other thread, Sqad.
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Pasta, I know it’s been discussed, I put this up on hearing the breaking news that Archie would not be moved

Sqad just heard the family are to appeal this decision
Zacs you apologies.
Just googled it. Christian Legal Centre (apparently) Maybe that is why life over quality if life is so important in this case?
Zacs/237....they must be a wealthy organisation.
I believe this the same group that helped out in the ‘Gay cake’ row.
Thanks 237.

I wonder if anyone has brought up the subject of harvesting his organs for transplantation before the life support is switched off, assuming that they would still be useful.

That would be a bridge too far I feel.
I believe his organs are beyond harvesting Sqad.
Ah! didn't know that redhelen.
I read somewhere that the had already started failing

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As Sad As This Case Is ,I Agree With The Decision Not To Move Archie

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