As Sad As This Case Is ,I Agree With The Decision Not To Move Archie

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Bobbisox1 | 17:46 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | Body & Soul
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What could happen if when moving him he died instantly?

Would his parents Sue the hospital?


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although i understand how distasteful this sounds, keeping a child alive in ICU probably costs iro £2k a day, probably meaning at least £1/4m has been spent on his care already. I'm not really in a position to judge what the NHS spends it's money on (i am a net taker, on v expensive drugs AND the NHS paid for the funerals of 3 of my children plus provided 10 weeks n...
21:22 Fri 05th Aug 2022
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Bednobs my eyes stung reading your post, others here may know your history, I don’t but here’s BA for you saying what you have
^^^nor did I...that left me with no suitable words.
237SJ, they were connected by dying the same way. Neither was trying to kill himself, they made misjudgments, as people do. I sympathise with both of them.
// Sorry to yhose who are correcting me.// honestlu Pasta there is no need ( virtually no one else does it)
Bednobs, I’m very sorry to read of your terrible losses.

I feel very sorry for Archie’s family. I was upset to read that his mother wanted to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation if the medics took away his oxygen.
She wants to try everything to keep her precious boy alive.
I hope the ending is peaceful when it comes.
no one gets turned off because there is a more deserving case.
they may get passed around ( and there is added risk to a long journey BUT it is mainly at start off and arrival (like aircrraft). yes they really have looked at this. There is also a placement service - essential at busy times

But the staff may be whickering - "look we are looking after what is essentially a dead body" and that may be causing tension esp if they are full.
This family are desperate to keep their child alive.
But I would like to mention the medical staff, nursing staff and numerous staff who have directly or indirectly ‘ cared ‘ in any way for Archie. They also will be devastated by these events.
I'm sure they will AA and I hope his mother will come to realise that, in time. His support was due to be switched off at 10am today and I heard on the lunchtime news that all his family are with him at the moment.

So very sad.
//They do not hold their breath until they pass out, that is impossible.//

It is not impossible. My sister used to do it quite regularly as a young child. Not as a part of any challenge but usually when she was upset and did not get what she wanted. She would faint but as soon as she did her breathing resumed normally and she would regain consciousness quite quickly. She began doing this from the age of about eighteen months and grew out of it my the time she four or five.

I, too have been intrigued as to how this boy came to cause himself so much harm. But there must have been more to it than simply holding his breath.
The challenge includes choking yourself until you pass out as mentioned above. Another child who died taking part used a dog leash apparently hung from a door
Unfortunately what seems to be missed in all this is the responsibility of TikTok. Why do they allow such things to be on their site, this is not the first time.

And I'm going to get slated for this I'm sure but it needs to be said to prevent further terrible deaths. Parents need to take responsibility of what their kids are watching on electronic devices. It is possible to block these out, indeed a number of sites are blocked or partially on my network. Yes it may involve a cost to buy something to help you do it, but thats part of the TCO of a device connected to the Internet.

I do wonder if a lot of this is the Mother feeling guilt.
My nephew used to hold his breath until he fainted - he had terrible temper tantrums. Of course as soon as he fainted he started breathing again, no harm done. Thankfully he grew out of it by the age of 5.
//I do wonder if a lot of this is the Mother feeling guilt//

my thoughts too, ymb.
You can take all sorts of measures to put blocks on your child's devices but a 12 year old will likely be more able to remove such blocks than you are to install them.
You can't stop your child looking at other peoples devices, though.

I'm sure there is a lot of guilt. I also think, particularly with it being Christian organisation funding their appeals, that the family are not being supported to accept the situation. I hope they manage to grieve properly soon and don't spend their time trying to litigate any further.
Just to be clear, I meant you could not kill yourself by holding your breath. As soon as you pass out you start breathing again.
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Archie has now passed away,
Thinking of all connected to this tragic story
RIP Archie

I really feel for the family, who must be devastated but hope in time they come to terms with his death.
Why are these relatives talking to the press, ?I refuse to listen to their statements. Shame on the tv network for releasing this .
Where is Archies dignity now ?
//You can take all sorts of measures to put blocks on your child's devices but a 12 year old will likely be more able to remove such blocks than you are to install them.//

I am sorry, I disagree. Childrens abilities on computers are much overrated. I used to interview Grads, with an IT degree, and I can assure you what they think they know and what they know are two entirely different things.

And no child would be able to get past the measures I have in place. I did install a complete new Internet security and tracking into a Bank a couple of years ago. And that had to be secure and passed by the PRA etc so I do know what I am talking about.

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As Sad As This Case Is ,I Agree With The Decision Not To Move Archie

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