Painful Knees

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jennyjoan | 16:04 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | Body & Soul
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Last night was a complete nightmare - spent all night trying this cream and that and painkillers.

Rung doctor's this morning and receptionist answered - I told her that the doctor (locum) I spoke to some weeks ago would need to be in contact with me.

She said oh yes he has given you everything he can give you - you do need new knees! Well I said I need face to face this time so I have to ring about 8.30 am next week to get an appointment to see him.

I know other things can be wrong with your knees (although not exactly) perhaps fluid, calcium I don't know but know I need help.

My sister has a friend a lady she meets now and again and she got a new knee after waiting 8 years, well sorry, I couldn't wait 8 years - I'd be swinging from the bannisters. I may remortgage my house who knows.


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You are making a meal of need new knees.

If you can afford it go private, if you can't then that is tough.
JJ, it might be worth your while paying for a private consultation with a specialist, I have done this in the past and jumped the queue for NHS treatment because the specialist deemed it necessary and urgent
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Sqad you're a laugh - if I had your money could consider private but I'm a poor orphan girl.

Barry - I am a member of Benenden private insurers - have been with them from 16 years until now but don't know what I pay would cover me if the worse comes to the worse.
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^^^^16 years old
The private consultation would probably cost less than £200. At least you'd know what is wrong and how to rectify it. I didn't mention insurance
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thanks Barry - I will leave it to this doctor next week if I get an appointment. you mean to say that you have no savings, premium bonds or own your own property (Equity Release) ?
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I haven't a halfpenny Sqad - have given it all away
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I do have a couple of shillins but sure that wouldnt cover it.

Then you have no choice JJ.
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Sqad - didn't I say I would re-mortgage my house in my first post. Put your spectacles on and read properly.
Sqad and Barry are right. You need to get a private consultation and go from there. In the meantime do you wear elasticated knee supports ? They might give you some relief.
JJ...I missed that, but if you have to remortgage then so be it, not ideal but you need your priorities.

barry gives good advice........let's hope the Orthopaedic surgeon will play ball.
jj/ Only recently you were wanting to know where to put your bank savings to gain more interest!
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Oh I know Haz - knew somebody would come up with that.

I definitely could afford one knee but would find it hard for two knees. But will wait until next week and see what the locum says.

Equity release?
As I've said before jenny, if you're going private it's much cheaper down south
There are injections available...cortisone and several other drugs. Has doctor mentioned those for you?
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pasta - have to ring next week for face to face - but will say to you some years back I got cortisone injections into shoulder by my loveliest doctor ever. I said to him I believe this can be sore - he said that's it.

Didn't feel a thing - no prick, no nothing and absolutely no positive effect - only I knew him ( he was the cousin of my best friend) coulda sworn he injected water LOL

I am for acupuncture (private) next Friday - so hopefully that may help a little.
Well, if I were you, I'd still mention injections when you see Dr as I'm sure there's more available. Just give any thing a go...hope you find some relief.

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