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Tesco sells lentil pasta - its yummy
Thanks for the link. Yes, will have a look for that brand, and actually the GF pasta in Tesco (made with 50% maize, 50% rice) is really not bad. The bread is just about okay, but I just cannot see why a very small loaf should be £3 - just feels a rip-off.

Still very down about it all, and though I've been gluten-free for nearly 2 weeks now, the symptoms are only lessening slightly.
Pasta made from peas? Not pasta
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Well, you can also get "pasta" made from edamame beans, black beans, and that awful stuff made from konjac flour.
I've tried the first 2, and they are quite pasta-like.
They dry and grind the peas to make a pea flour and then make the pasta - so it is pasta
My dad needs gluten free food and he gets 7/8 gluten free loaves of bread a month on prescription free as he pensioner. He freezes and uses as needed.
Goodgoalie - James Martin (cook) was on a few weeks ago and was making batter for fish (I think) and he was telling his guest that the gluten free flour was the best for making batter.

So there's lots for you to eat. Not all batter mind LOL
Pasta made from peas? Not pasta
erm peas-ta then ?
terdaaah - grazie a tutti
yeah Goodlife would say - a gift from God!

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Fao Goodgoalie...gluten Free Pasta

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