Hip Bursitis

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MargoTester | 12:06 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Body & Soul
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This started just over a week ago and for no apparent reason. I have never had pain like it, even when I had my other hip replaced. This was diagnosed by my doctor who prescribed co-codamol and Voltarol rub (I can't take ibuprofen)and booked an x-ray which is being done on 15th August. The pain is getting worse and is constant when sitting lying down or (trying) to walk. I went back to the surgery and saw a different doctor and she gave me methocarbamol 750mg tablets which are making me feel woozy but having no effect on the pain. Has anyone else had experience of bursitis and how long it takes to heal.


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I am assuming the diagnosis is correct.

In my opinion Voltarol rub and methocarbamol are not appropriate.

You need Nsaids by mouth and I note that you cannot take Ibuprofen, but that is not the only nsaid as Naproxen is valued alternative in musculoskeletal disorders.

If this is trochanteric bursitis, then you are looking at at least 2-3 weeks od pain and discomfort.

I would comntact your GP with your concerns and mention Naproxen. Although Pararcetamol is not an Nsaid in combination with Naproxen may be useful.

No, I haven't had experience of bursitis.
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Thank you both for your input it's appreciated. I will try some of the exercise and try to contact the doctor regarding the naproxen. Thanks again
This is what I was diagnosed with about 6-7 weeks ago
Also a bit if sciatica.
Naproxen helped enormously and gentle stretching exercises. Hope you can get some relief very soon.
Go easy on the exercises.......if they cause pain.....stop doing them.
All. Bursitis pain is horrific. Only time takes it àway. Feel sorry for you. It will go
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Thanks all, interesting what Patsy and Sqad said about naproxen, I have got a slot for a telephone call from the senior nurse practitioner later today so will see what he has to say. I'm feeling very shivery and shaking now so will not take any more methocarbamol for now.
I was getting dreadful pain from sciatica and someone on AB recommended a TENS machine. I'd tried painkillers with no success so I gave it a go. The TENS machine certainly helped with the pain.

I'm still using it as the sciatica returns regularly. I paid about £35 for it from Argos.
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Thanks WW I'll have a look at that
I had bursitis in my elbow (apparently it can happen in any joint). Went to the doc's and they referred me to a consultant who said he could cut that out in 15 mins under local...which he did about 4 weeks later. Staples removed after 2 weeks and all healed. Time from first doc appointment to staples removed , 10 weeks. See if you can get referred and have it cut out. No pain or anything now!

Elbow bursitis is a completely different ball game from a hip bursitis, surgery for the latter is a last resort.
^^^ As my link above shows, it's now recognised that hip bursitis isn't really bursitis (i.e. inflammation of the bursa) at all. So it's inevitably going to be very different to any type of 'true' bursitis.
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Hi again have just spoken to my own doctor and he has prescribed naproxen to be taken in conjunction with paracetamol, as you said Sqad. He has booked an appointment to go and see him next week. So hopefully this will help. Once again thanks all for your help
Sounds good Margo.
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Yes I'm keeping my fingers crossed x

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