Anyone Have Experience Of A Hysteroscopy??

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Smowball | 17:13 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Body & Soul
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I’ve just seen my consultant who is booking me in for a hysteroscopy and she has advised me to be put to sleep for the procedure. Having no experience of it whatsoever would you advise it? I honestly know nothing about it apart from the info she has given me.


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It’s maybe best to take the advice of the surgeon ?
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There's page after page of real-life experiences, from NHS patients, here:

I've only looked quickly through them but, from what I've read, it looks strongly to me that it might be wisest to go with the consultant's advice! (Ouch!)
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I just really didn’t want to be put to sleep, but it’s looking like it might be a good idea…….. : (
Thanks guys x
Yes, I had one, lot of pain when I came round, so would reccommend having the general.
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God I wish I hadn’t just read those reviews!!
Smo I personally have not had one of these, but I have a friend who has and she was told that she could either be awake or asleep during the procedure. She opted for general anaesthetic because she was nervous and wanted to be totally out of it ! She was absolutely fine afterwards, but obviously had to stay in hospital a little longer than normal while the effects wore off.
putting to sleep is not permanent for a human...
yes I would follow your consultant's advice
rather than do pot-luck on AB
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Ohhh really ubasses. Sorry to hear that. x
put off to sleep
put off to sleep
I know this is AB.....
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Hi PP. It’s not pot luck, and of course I’ll follow her advice, just wanted to know if anyone had been thru it really.
My wife had it done, no anaesthetic and she described it as a 'bit of dicomfort'. No lingering pain or side effects, back to her normal routine and activities straight away.
Everyone is different, though
Forgot to say, my friend felt no pain either, just slight discomfort which soon went.
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BS - yes she said it would be a day case.
Barry that’s interesting - like you say tho, everyone is different x
Hi PP. It’s not pot luck
Everyone is different, though
then it is pot luck innit?
While, for obvious reasons, I've never had a hysteroscopy, I have had a day treatment op under general anaesthetic fairly recently. Like you, I wasn't looking forward to it but it turned out to be an absolute doddle. I simply had a small, painless injection and quickly fell asleep. In what seemed like no time at all, I was waking up and fully conscious in just a few seconds. I had absolutely no nausea or dizziness at all. Indeed, if they'd have let me, I could have walked out of the hospital, feeling fully fit, right there and then.

So, comparing my experience with those of those mentioned in my link above, I reckon that opting for a general anaesthetic might well be a good idea!
I would advise you to be put to sleep for this procedure, Smow. It was tried on me being awake. I was so distressed and upset ( it hurt,& very uncomfortable) The lady doctor stopped and said to come back and to be done under general anaesthetic. So glad I did. Of course, we are all different, but that was my experience. Best wishes x
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'If in doubt, knock yourself out' - one better, I guess, than the surgeon's maxim, 'If in doubt, rip it out.'
I would. Especially if the GP advised it.

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Anyone Have Experience Of A Hysteroscopy??

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